Chocolate Filled Pastry Rolls Recipe

chocolate puff pastry rolls - "diploma rolls" for a graduation party

I made these chocolate filled pastry rolls for my graduation dessert table, and they were so yummy I thought I’d share the recipe. They’re super simple with only 3 ingredients, but addictive to eat! Tie them up with ribbon or cording so they look like graduation “diplomas” or serve them for any occasion as is.

Chocolate Filled Pastry Rolls

  • 1 package puff pastry sheets {or pie dough sheets if desired}
  • Nutella spread
  • Slivered Almonds – toasted

Thaw or prepare dough as directed on package. Cut dough into rectangles about 4-5 inches wide, and as long as you want your “diplomas” to be {5-6 inches should be good}.

Spread Nutella on each rectangle of dough and sprinkle with almonds. Begin rolling the dough over on its self, jelly roll style.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until golden.

To display as “diplomas,” tie ribbon or thin cording around each pastry roll.

TIP: For tighter rolls you may want to use pie dough. I used puff pastry here and some of them really puffed up! Although pricking them with a fork several times before baking may help to prevent that.

For added flavor you can sprinkle lightly with cinnamon sugar before baking, or powdered sugar after baking.


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  1. krista says

    I am planning a graduation and would love to make these! Just wondering though, can these be made ahead of time?

    • Chris says

      You can definitely make these ahead and keep in an airtight container, OR prepare them & refrigerate overnight, then bake them the day of the party.

  2. says

    All i can say is an awesome and mouth watering dish…a simple chocolate filled pastry rolls that can be made easily.. can’t wait to try at home soon..

  3. Vinanti says

    Hi ! I just made a batch and have kept them in an air tight container to serve tomorrow. Any tips on whether this can be refreshed just prior to serving ? Maybe pop in the oven again for a couple of minutes? Let me know ! Thanks for sharing this wonderful treat !

    • Chris says

      Vinanti, that’s what I would do. In fact, for the future, you could even under cook them a bit and finish them off before hand OR just make them up, keep in refrigerator {or even the freezer}, and cook them when you need to. So many options with puff pastry. :-)

    • Chris says

      Oh, Nicole, just make them for a weekend treat. They’re so easy and delicious, you don’t need a special occasion! 😉