Children’s "Spooky" Treats Table

Katie Cassidy is a fabulous photographer who recently hosted her son’s birthday party with a Halloween treats table.  When she shared the link with me I knew this would be a great party to share and inspire.  With some DIY spooky treats and sleek, modern decor, you could easily replicate this on a budget and in a time crunch.  See more details on Katie’s gorgeous blog.

Easy DIY tips:
  • Dip Nutter Butter cookies in white chocolate and add eyes & mouth with black icing gel – instant “ghosts.”
  • Create “bones” by pushing 2 mini marshmallows onto either end of a pretzel stick, and dip in white chocolate.
  • Wrap blow pops, or tootsie pops in white tissue paper and add eyes with a marker (or add googly eyes) for a “ghostly” take home treat.
  • Use decorative stencils and colored sugar to decorate plain cookies.
  • Wrap scrapbook paper into cones to serve popcorn.


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