Child Friendly Details

Wheather you are hosting a child’s party or just having a family-style party with lots of kids, these cute touches are sure to please the little ones(and big ones!). These cute “cootie catchers” are great for party invitations, or have the older kids make their own with their own quotes/phrases.

After seeing this idea this morning, I HAD to edit to add it into this post. PERFECT kids party favors below are dipped pretzel sticks wrapped to look like crayons. See full instructions at Parties by Hardie.

Below is one of my FAVORITE ideas for kids. Cover the table with brown or white wrapping paper or a roll of drawing paper, then incorporate the food display into some art. Kids would love helping create the picture too!

If it’s an outdoor party your setting up for, use colorful towels, and new(clean) toys to serve the food on. Use raw sugar, which is light brown in color, to emulate beach sand.

Photos: cootie catcher &
beachy theme
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  1. Blushing hostess says

    I love this last shot! What a great idea. Never in a million years would I have stood in the sand toy isle and thought of this!

  2. Bethany says

    Holy cow I am glad you left me a comment! Otherwise I may have never found you! Thanks for the sweet words! You have some GREAT stuff on here!! :) I will have to come back and read more when my kids are sleeping!!

  3. b.a.s.h.ful custom event kits says

    oh! wow! i love all of tehse fun colros and ideas! great inspiration! :)

  4. this blessed nest says

    oh my goodness!!!

    your blog is pure eye candy for my creative side. wow.

    thanks so much for your comment & visiting us at the 'nest'. yes, our party was lots of fun. it will be even more remembered by sweet people like yourself giving us lovely comments. thanks again.

    come back anytime.

    i too, would NEVER think of 'salad' as i walk in the toy & sandbox section of target. hysterical.

  5. this blessed nest says

    just one more thing…

    love love love the incorporation of food & art.

    down right smart & fun!

  6. Alexis says

    I love the "cooty catcher" invitation! I wish I had those instructions when my daughter asked me to make her one and I had to try to remember from 7th grade. I love your blog, so many great ideas and inspirations.