Cheese, Glorious Cheese! {And Wine}

Simple-Elegance doesn’t get much better than Cheese & Wine. The pairing of the 2 works equally well for a rustic picnic, or a glamorous soiree. The photos above offer some great suggestions for serving your cheese with style.
  • Consider slicing your hard cheese into ‘sticks’ and laying them in a criss-cross form…adds height and interest.
  • Looking for great ways to label which cheese is which? Use pieces of slate or broken terra cotta pots to write on with chalk, or marker.
  • More home-improvement-store materials to use are small slabs of granite, or ceramic tiles.
  • Find mirror ‘trays’ at local craft stores, or use your all-purpose white dishes for a streamlined look.
  • For best results when tasting your cheeses, serve on plain baguette slices or water crackers so as not to mask the flavor of the cheese itself.
Good Suggestions for Wine & Cheese Pairings:
  • Salty Gorgonzola with Sweet Reisling
  • Brie with a California Chardonay
  • Goat Cheese (Chevre) with Savignon Blanc
  • Edam or Havarti with Pinot Noir
  • Gouda with Merlot or Reisling
Some of my favorite wines for around $10-$12:
Cavit Pinot Grigio
Chateau St. Michelle Reisling (not overly sweet…it’s just right!)
Barefoot Moscato (around $7, but very good with the taste of muscadine grapes)
Rober Mondavi Private Selection Pinot Noir
Woodbridge Cabernet (not too heavy for a cab)
Have fun planning and tasting your own Cheese & Wine combinations!
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  1. Simply Creative Insanity says

    my 2 favorite things :)!
    I love the was the cheese sticks are stacked in the 1st picture.
    Nice post!

  2. Sherrie says

    I had a date night at home last Friday night w/ my dh and we had wine and cheese. It was fabulous.

  3. Aylee Bits says

    Thank you for the suggestions on cheese and wine pairing and for listing your favorite wines. I don't like wine unfortunately, but I definitely want to serve them in parties.