Cheese Crisps Recipe

easy cheese crisp recipe

I have a confession to make. I’m a little obsessed with the show Chopped on the Food Network. I don’t know what it is – you don’t get recipes from it, the 30 minute time limit they have to cook in is frustrating, and some of the items they have to cook with, I’ve never even heard of. However, I love to see people following their passion in life which is what all of the chefs are doing.

As I said you don’t come away with any usable recipes however on a recent episode I did get inspired to make these tasty Cheese Crisps. The contestants were give cheese crackers {Cheese Nips} in their basket and one of the chefs used them to make cheese fricos. I thought they looked delicious and knew I had to try it. It’s only 2 ingredients, but they are a mouth full of flavor!

easy cheese crisps recipe - they're so addicting!

Cheese Crisps

  • 1 block cheddar or Colby jack cheese
  • Package Baked Cheese Nips

Using a grater, shred a small pile of cheese into a circle onto a baking pan {about 12 slides on the grater}. Spread out the pile of cheese evenly so the middle is about the same thickness as the edges.

Crumble up 2 cheese nips over the shredded cheddar circle & distribute evenly {each circle of cheese takes 2 cheese nips}.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 375 degrees for 5-8 minutes.

They need to bake until they turn golden brown in order for them to get crispy. If you take them out too soon they will be chewy.

Let them cool for about 2 minutes on the pan and remove carefully with a spatula. Let them cool completely so they crisp up.


These cheese crisps are little bites of heaven. They make great snacks for the kids, appetizers with a glass of wine, or an accompaniment with a salad.

Give these a try this weekend. You may already have the ingredients on hand!

BTW, the adorable chevron paper place mats in the photos are a new item from Layla Grayce.  I just love them & had to share.


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  1. This is such a simple, neat way to satisfy your friends’ taste buds! It saves time, and money! Great idea! :)

  2. I LOVE that show too… and my husband always asks why I watch it. I think it is the mystery of what they are going to make or come up with.

  3. You may have just ruined my diet.

  4. can you use cheez-it’s instead of nips?

  5. These sound amazzzing!!! I really want to make them but I do have a question; would using pre-shredded cheese be a problem?

    • Amber, for this I wouldn’t use the pre-shredded. It has a coating on it that prevents it from melting really nicely like you want.
      I don’t love grating cheese either, but for these you don’t have to be specific with measuring so it’s really easy to do. :-)

  6. Thank you! I made them when we had a river day this weekend, bigggg hit!! They were so easy and very tasty.

  7. The ingredients list called for a single package of Nips. Fine I can understand that. Then you say,
    “Crumble up 2 cheese nips over the shredded cheddar & distribute evenly”.

    This is why I don’t like to cook. You gals make it too confusing. So ummm…I take two nips out of the box and spread it over the ENTIRE pan?
    I’m not going to say “forgive my stupidity” because I’m a college graduate and I say, that don’t make no sense.

  8. FYI, your photo is being used here:

    Given that they didn’t link back, I’m guessing they didn’t have permission, so I thought you’d want to know in case you want to file a DMCA takedown notice.


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