Candy Corn Treats & A New App For Renters

candy corn treats

I know we’re down to the last day before Halloween, but I had to share my latest article for, which is all about Candy Corn! I’ve rounded up some delicious treats that either incorporate this iconic candy or is inspired by it in some way. If you and/or the kids love candy corn, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

I also want to share a new app with you, and this is for all you renters out there. has launched a new rental app for your smart phone that helps you locate properties based on your criteria, and can help connect you with agents and managers too. You can download it just like any other app – see the link above for more details.

For the renters out there, we have lots of tips and ideas for you to help make your rental housing feel more like home.


Have a great day!

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