Candy Cone Christmas Tree

Do you have one of these tabletop trees?  They are just darling and I love how this one from Country Living is trimmed with candy-cone treats – the perfect decorative element for a children’s decorating party!  It’s easy to put together with just a few items:
Using ready-made ice-cream cones, CAREFULLY drill 2 side holes with a wooden skewer (apply gentle pressure to avoid cracking). Brush with icing and dip in colorful sugar or nonpareils. Let dry thoroughly before slipping a thin ribbon through each hole, and then fill with small candies.
To simplify assembly, stand each cone in a small glass while filling. Fill in the bottom space of the cone with paper towel to keep fragile cones light enough to hang.  Now you have another fun favor/decor item that the kids will love!
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  1. Bugg's mama says

    Funny, but I have been on an internet search to find those candies! Those shiny peppermints are nowhere to be found. Any ideas?

    I love this tree, thanks for sharing it.

    love, bree