CAH Announces New Contributors

I am super excited to share the news about our 2 new contributors!  As you may remember I added 2 contributors at the start of last year with great success.  While Kristi has since taken a hiatus from the blog world, Lisa began to thrive in her own right and is taking the “gluten free” cooking world by storm – I’m so proud of her.  Since then I knew I needed to fill that void but just didn’t have the time to devote to it.  Lucky for me a couple of conversations with Kori and Rebekah led to a new team that I’m very thrilled about!

These 2 ladies will be dropping by from time to time to share there talents, their respective party & entertaining style, and add a dose of inspiration.  Both are extremely talented graphic designers with their own Etsy shops but I think you’ll find they each bring a different perspective based on their background.  Read on for each ladies IMPRESSIVE bio and welcome them to the CAH team.

Kori Clark – Branding and Paper Specialist

Kori has been working with CAH “behind the scenes” for a while.  She’s created all of our “branding” items to coordinate with the new site design, from blog buttons, to business cards, to magazine ads.   Her style is recognizable around the blog world as she imparts a contemporary and creative look to everything she designs.

Kori is a stationery designer with a degree in graphic design and specializes in digital illustrations. After leaving the corporate world almost 7 years ago, she began doing freelance jobs and has several corporate clients including a handful of hotels, for whom she designs anything from restaurant logos to newspaper ads. Kori’s real passion is stationery design and she has grown her business which includes classic paper products as well as party printables into a thriving entity. The highlights of the last year came as her designs were published in a feature for Celebrate Magazine, followed by commissioning her to create three invitations for an article about Top Printable Invitation Designs.

Kori’s work has been featured on every major party blog on the web, and this year she will be announcing an exciting new partnership regarding her stationery designs.  Can’t wait to hear more about that!

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Rebekah Dempsey – Interior Designer turned Graphic Designer

Rebekah is a gal after my own heart.  As an interior designer by trade she shares my love of home decor and both of our entertaining styles are influenced by that in many ways.  After having her daughter in 2008 Rebekah turned her focus on to graphic design and party design and has created a business that is growing every day.

Rebekah has some impressive credentials as she holds 3 degrees {business, marketing, & interior design}!!  Her 10 years as an interior designer with a large firm took her from L.A. to Chicago to Italy, and included luxury homes and even a few celebrity clients.  Her work was published in LUXE Magazine and in an interior decorating book {under the firms name}.  When she left the corporate world to be a stay at home mom she had made her way to senior designer managing 60-80 projects a year.

Rebekah has also been featured on all the major party blogs, and her Etsy shop is full of beautiful printable paper designs that are classic but modern at the same time.  This year she will be launching a new line of home accessories that you can use in entertaining – stay tuned for more on that this month!

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    I am so so so thrilled to be a contributor for you Chris!!! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and I am thrilled to team up with you and Rebekah!!