Boy’s Campout Party {guest feature}

If you have a son who loves the great outdoors then this is the party for you.  Lisa of Moore Minutes has created another great party full of details and an Amazing setting.  The great American camp site has never looked so inviting!
Lisa set up camp with a dining area, gift area, and a S’mores area.  The gifts were of course a hand made teepee that any kid is sure to love, and other were gifts wrapped in camoflage.  She topped off the area with a banner and balloons, and served up hot chocolate and trail mix in perfect style.
The piece de resistance is the S’mores bar.  Four sizes of marshmallows, 2 types of chocolate, and a variety of other s’mores treats were displayed for all to enjoy.  Whether you do something like this in the forest or in your own back yard, Lisa has certainly given you some great ideas.  Visit her blog to see even more pictures and details of this rustic birthday celebration.
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  1. LOVING this party! Oh my goodness. I am already planning my baby's 1st birthday party and I think it'll be woodland-themed. There are some great ideas from this one to use for that too! LOVE!

  2. Oh, very cute. Love it.
    My daughter couldn't decide between a camping party and a Sleeping Beauty party this year, so we combined the two. We leaned more on the Sleeping Beauty side, but there are a few camping details. Photos here of what is probably the only Sleeping Beauty Goes Camping party:

  3. Victoria at Party Puff says:

    Oooh, I'd love to camp if it were like this!

  4. [email protected] says:

    Chris… do you know how much we appreciate your party-hunting skills? You find the BEST parties to share with the rest of us.

    This one actually makes me want to go camping (and usually I like my tent to have a spa and concierge ~ so that's saying something!)

    p.s. Lisa rocks!

  5. The Sweet Life Studio says:

    Love the s'more pops! How simple is that? And so cute!

  6. Love your site!

    So glad to see a "boy" event! I am a all-boy-mom, Fantiastic!

  7. Chris, this is a true honor to be on your site. Thank you! :) I'm happy.

  8. I love this idea, so cute for a party. This site is so cute!

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