Book Invitation DIY

This is the most clever and unique invitation I’ve ever seen!  A book invitation by You Are My Fave that will have any guest dying to RSVP.  Here’s what she did:
  1. Use a razor blade (or an exacto knife) to cut out a pocket in the pages of a book found at the thrift store.
  2. Attach the invitation details to the bottom and fill up the pocket with confetti.
  3. The guests remove the confetti to reveal the information and can keep the book as a “hidden-treasure box”.
  4. Wrap a band of scrapbook paper around the outside of the book to keep it closed, and the confetti inside.
Such a great project!!
Take away tips:
  • Use this for milestone birthdays, college graduation parties, or engagement parties.
  • Use children’s story books for kids birthday parties (Aesop’s Fables, Alice in Wonderland, Charlotte’s Web).

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  1. Kristen {Savvy Deets Bridal} says:

    What an amazing idea, so creative!

  2. I love it!!!but is there a mock up design instead of an actual book? I LOVE my books – second hand or brand new – and I can't find it in me to cut it =( I'm planning a book party wherein I'll use my collection of books as the deco….this will be the PERFECT invites or party favor!!!help please =)

    • Have you thought about using an art book, you know they type for sketches.
      I’m with you, i hate the idea of cutting up books :-)

  3. Chic Done Cheap says:

    I love this!!

  4. Lissa (Bellenza) says:

    Such a creative idea! But i'd also feel bad cutting up even an old book…so maybe create "mock books" out of inexpensive notebooks or something? Just wondering…

  5. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    Hmmm, you all have stumped me there! The use of old thrifted books makes it affordable. Anything else you might use, I think would elevate the cost…Not sure how to reconcile this one.

  6. Katrina says:

    so sweet. I wanted to do a storybook theme for my friends baby shower

  7. So fun! I hope to throw a baby shower for a bookclub friend, so I'm bookmarking this idea.

  8. feelincrafty says:

    This is great! I love this idea. When I first saw it, I thought expensive, but thrifted books would work great. I cring when I cut up books, but I have been known to do it for an art piece here or there, so I think I could do it for this really cool idea! :)

  9. You can always find already damaged books in charity/thrift shops that have already been scribbled in/ torn etc. You could also add your own covers to really abused volumes. I think this is actually very kind to the book, giving it a new lease of life, when it is in too poor a state for anyone to buy to read!

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