Black & White Parfaits

Happy Friday!  Here’s something sweet to try for the weekend.  It’s so easy and delicious it’s perfect for last minute entertaining.  These black & white dessert parfaits are served in shot glasses or glass votive holders and just the right size so you don’t feel guilty about it.  These look terrific in our black & white party dessert display I did for Celebrations website.  Enjoy!

Black & White Parfait

1 package chocolate brownie bites, or chocolate cupcakes

1 box Instant White Chocolate Pudding & Pie Filling Mix

1 3/4 cups Cold Milk

1 container Whipped Topping (Cool Whip)

Break up chocolate brownie or cake pieces and place a small layer in the bottom of a shot glass.  Set aside remaining pieces for another layer.

Prepare instant pudding/pie mix according to directions for pie filling, using the milk.

Fold in about half the container of whip topping into the prepared pie filling mixture, and combine well.

Transfer mixture into a piping bag or heavy duty zipper bag (snip off the tip of one of the corners) and pipe on a layer of the pudding mixture.

Add another layer of chocolate brownies or cake, and top off with pudding mixture.

Garnish with a chocolate malt ball if desired.


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