Black & White & Glamorous Sweets Table

black & white Glam dessert table
I designed this mini dessert table to coordinate with my Holiday-Glam Tablescape.  It’s great for an intimate dinner party, and serves up small bites so guests can sample a little bit of everything.  
For the dessert area I used the acrylic beaded curtain as a backdrop – a great way to tie two areas together is to use the same elements but in a different way.  The food and decor are all done in black and white and silver, and most items were found locally.

On the menu are chocolate whoopie pies, brownie bites topped with whipped icing and silver edible glitter from Sweet Baking Supply, and shimmering bonbons from Bedazzle My Bonbons.  I like the idea of choosing one or two designer desserts to shine, and then dressing up purchased items or homemade items to round out the table.

To wash down the sweets, milk shots are served with cookie “straws.”  You could also serve eggnog in these as well.  For this table I did serve spiked eggnog and irish cream shots in chocolate cups – a fun festive addition!  So that guests would know the difference between the two, I sprinked nutmeg on the eggnog shots.

In sharing this with you, I hope to show that you can have a beautiful, stylish dessert table without spending a fortune.  It just takes a little thoughtful detail and creative display! 
Be sure to check out this entire New Years Eve series for a complete party look:


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Chris Nease is a party stylist and home entertaining expert with over 15 years of experience. In addition to her work as founding editor of Celebrations At Home, Chris is an editorial stylist and has contributed to, SheKnows, and countless other websites. Most recently she was featured in Celebrate magazine, and her work has been published in Woman's World, Ocala Style, Yum Food & Fun for Kids, and Cottages & Bungalows.


  1. Amy @ 11Magnolialane says:

    Gorgeous Chris! And saw the stunning table you submitted on The Party Dress. You are SO talented.

  2. Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns says:

    Super stunning. I have always loved silver trays–I think its the Southern girl in me. We serve everything on silver or pewter! :)
    Also, love the idea of using that curtain as a runner on the table! CLEVER!

  3. Sandra Downie says:

    This is soooo beautiful AND elegant Chris…you are so talented!!!

  4. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    You guys are making me smile today! Thank You! ; )

  5. So fantastic! In love with this!!! Amazing job!

  6. The Savvy Moms Guide says:

    Gorgeous!!! Love the Glam style but at the same time super Savvy. Amazing <3. Smiles~

  7. Romance In A Glance says:

    Wow this is absolutely amazing! I can't believe you created this! It relates to one of my recent blog posts~I have a blog that focuses a lot on weddings and I posted recently about dessert receptions. This is exactly what I was talking about! So elegant, classy yet easy. I'd love for you to follow me and I can mention you on my blog!!!

  8. Amanda Parker at Shindig says:

    Chris, I am so impressed — I love a girl who can make a pre-made store-bought dessert look good and you have out-done yourself! LOVE this! I hope you don't mind if I share on my blog today. Thanks for all of your creativity and showing everyone how you can create a fabulous dessert table without breaking the bank!

  9. Natasha @ Fête Fanatic says:

    Love, love, love all the details!!!
    And you know I love those chocolate cups! I have to try it with eggnog YUM! Great job as usual Chris!

  10. East9thStreet says:

    So I need to know how/what you hang your backdrops on? I'd love to do this for my NYE party! Love your site!!

  11. I am IN LOVE with this entire setup!

  12. Absolutely beautiful job! LOVE it all, Chris! :)

  13. Genevieve Le Bel says:

    Out of the park awesome Chris!!!

  14. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    Thanks for all the love on this table you guys!

    East9thSTreet – I have used a few different methods for hanging backdrops. You can get colored duct tape from the craft store (Michael's) and just tape it to your wall or crown molding. If you are neat, it can look kind of like a border, and the tape doesn't harm the wall (just peel off gently).

    I've also used a dowel to hang the fabric from, and then hang the dowel on 3M wall hooks.

    Hope that helps! : )

  15. kara's party ideas says:

    Hi Chris!

    FABULOUS party! I hope you don't mind me sharing it tomorrow on my site. :]



  16. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    Absolutely Kara! Thanks! : )

  17. feelincrafty says:

    This looks wonderful! I wish I was having a party with this spread tonight! Wanted to let you know that I added this to my link love post today. Happy New Year!

  18. Tauana Miranda says:

    Adorei as diferentes decorações que encontrei aqui, indéias brilhantes. Se não for pedir muito, gostaria de receber mais opções para decoração em vermelho, ou mesmo para o dia dos namorados. Obrigada.

  19. Beautiful and looks delicious too! love the black and white combo, very elegant.

  20. Hello. I love what you have done in the design of your black and white desert table but i wanted to let you know that someone is passing off your work as their own. I was looking for someone to do my wedding in my area and found your photo’s on their website under the desert bar icon. I just wanted to give you a heads up.


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