Big Event This Weekend!

Here’s what I’ve been working on :

  I’m so honored and excited to have the opportunity to work on this Virginia event with Operation Shower and March of Dimes, this Sunday. You must know that gal pal Amy at Stem is the Chief Event Planner for Operation Shower. Unfortunately, she is unable to attend the Virginia event at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, because of a previous commitment. That’s where I come in! I’ll be taking over and playing “Amy” for the weekend and styling this event. Above is a sneak peak at what is to come. Inspiration comes from the apple and pear fabric used by Resa Designs, who is donating those cute bibs for the new babies. Kim at TomKat Studiois the talent behind the flashcards and invitations we’re using.

I can’t wait to show more and tell you about all the other great sponsors we have for this. Stay tuned…
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  1. amy * stem * says

    Chrissy Chris Chris Chris,

    I can't thank you enough for stepping in for me. You have put so much work into this and I know it is going to be amazing for these moms because of it. You and Kim have been wonderful. I'm so sad I can't go but excited for you that you get to see the moms/families that we work so hard to honor. Enjoy the experience!

    Girl you know it's true. Oooo oooo oooo, I love you.

    – Ames

  2. Tori {Thoughtfully Simple} says

    Love the prints! Sounds like a fabulous event for a great cause, such a plus! Enjoy ladies :).

  3. Susan Crabtree says

    everything looks amazing-you are doing an incredible job & a creating such a wonderful experience for these moms!

  4. Elizabeth Howard says

    Looks really great! I know it will be awesome if you are doing it. Can't wait to see the results!