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Time to make plans for the Super Bowl! We finally have the teams {San Francisco vs. Baltimore} and now it’s time to get your ideas together for a Super Bowl party. I’ve worked on a lot of football party ideas this past year, from setting up a tailgating party to a delicious chili bar, all of which can be used to inspire an indoor Super Bowl party too.

Today I’m sharing another fun idea that I created for Homes.com in the Fall – a game day beer tasting party. For this concept I used the idea of the small tasting glasses and carried it over to the food. Everything was in bite size portions, and was a play on stadium food. The decor is the same as the beer flavoring party here – turf grass, a creative beer sign, and “referee” style boxes. Get all the details below, for hosting your own beer sampling party….

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Ideas for a Beer Tasting Game Day Party

  • Decide what kind of tasting you want to do:
  1. Sample different TYPES such as lager, ale, and stout as I’ve shown here. Make sure to begin with the lightest and move to the darkest, just like a wine tasting.
  2. Sample beers from AROUND THE WORLD. Assign each guest a country and let them bring the beer for tasting. This is a more economical choice for the host.
  3. Sample different BRANDS OF THE SAME TYPE of beer, like 3 pilsners, or ales.
  4. Sample MICRO-BREWS from around the country. People seem to love to try micro-brews, and you can choose some from the teams home city/state and the hosting city/state.
  • The idea is to taste new flavors and maybe find some new favorites, but you can also turn it into a rating or guessing game if you like.
  1. Let guests rate their favorite flavor, country, or brand.
  2. Let guests try and guess what type of beer they’re tasting.
  3. Let guests guess what country a beer is from.


  • Since this is for a game day party I thought it would be fun to serve “stadium style” food in mini versions.
  1. Hot dogs become pigs in a blanket.
  2. Fried chicken become bite sized chicken fingers or wings.
  3. Pizza is made into bite size portions using biscuit dough {just flatten it out and top with sauce, cheese, and a pepperoni}.
  4. Soft pretzels are cut into small pieces.
  5. Peanuts in the shell and “Pig Skin” chips are served in striped boxes that look like referee shirts {line it with a yellow napkin for mimic the penalty flag}.
  6. Other foods you can serve are tortilla chips with queso dip in individual containers, sliced link sausages, and sliders.
  • Provide dipping sauces or picks for the items as needed.

Of course you could also host this type of party on it’s own – not just for game day. If you’re not a beer drinker you could always tailor the sampling to something more whimsical like mini milkshakes!

Have a great day!


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