Potluck Side Dish :: Calico Baked Beans

calico baked beans

Got any cookouts to attend this weekend? Well I have the perfect potluck recipe for you to make and take! When we get together with friends or family for casual backyard parties it’s always “bring a dish” style. Everyone brings their favorite recipe for salads, baked beans, or dessert, and there’s usually some recipe exchanges taking place.

These  calico baked beans have graced many a buffet table and they always get a rave review. I think it’s the unexpected Tex Mex flavor that gets ’em! {I originally shared the recipe on Homes.com}.  Make them the next time you need a side dish for hot dogs and burgers.

Random Note:  It was only after I decided to share this recipe, that I realized that beans are not the “prettiest” things to photograph.  Which reminded me of the episode of Mad Men where Peggy is pitching Heinz a beans commercial and they talk about how beans aren’t very attractive {or something to that effect}.  Anyway, the taste is amazing :-)

Have a great weekend!

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