Baby Love Baby Shower {Operation Shower}

Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower

Last week I had the pleasure of volunteering my time to Operation Shower once again. It’s always a busy but fun time, and I get to meet up with old friends and finally meet face to face some new ones.  We spent 24 hours in Alexandria, Va setting up and giving out gifts to 40 moms-to-be whose husbands are, or have been, deployed during their pregnancy.

Here are the beautiful photos of our “Baby Love” baby shower shot by MoxieSox Photography

Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShowerbaby love baby shower @OperationShower

The table centerpieces were done in one of 3 designs:

  1. Umbrellas placed in stacked baskets for height.
  2. Baby bathtubs filled with balloon “bubbles” and a large rubber ducky.
  3. Elephant shaped humidifiers surrounded by shadow box display.

The tubs and humidifiers were raffled off for some lucky moms to take home.  All three centerpieces tied in to the graphic design from the paper goods, and the chairs were wrapped with yarn in lieu of traditional chair ties.  The result is whimsical and unexpected with a cool artsy quality.

Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower @PetiteSocial @ChrisNease

{me and Katie of Petite Social}

  • My pal Katie whom I’ve featured several times here on the blog, was my partner in setting up the dessert table.  We used clouds that Operation Shower provided, and attached colorful “raindrops” so they would hang in front of a blue streamer “sky.”  I finally had the chance to incorporate my yellow vintage step ladder which added much needed height to one end, and an interesting display for the cupcakes.
  • Katie’s ceramic egg cartons were the perfect place to hold those amazing chocolates, which look more like ART than food.
  • The piece de resistance was of course the cake from Fresh Bakes.  Each layer was a different flavor:  chocolate & peanut butter, vanilla with strawberry cream filling, and red velvet…Mmmmm…
  • One of the more whimsical items was the yellow duckies made of chocolate.  Can you believe it?!!  They look exactly like rubber duckies!  They were $1 each at Big Lots, and “floating” on a pond of blue candies they look fantastic.

Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower8 9 Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower Baby Love baby shower @OperationShower

{me, Amy of Operation Shower, Ashleigh of Posh Productions, Keisha of Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams}

Every detail of the showers by this organization is done to perfection.  With the generous contributions from vendors, corporate sponsors, volunteers, and donations, each event gives so much more to these moms than gifts.  They are done so that each guest can feel like it is her own personal event.

Please share and Pin if you love these designs.  Have a great day!

Shower PartnerBaby’s R Us / Printed GoodsHostess With The Mostess / CakeFresh Bakes / Fondant Cupcake ToppersTwo Sugar Babies / CookiesFirefly Confections / ChocolatesAnna Shea Chocolates / White Chocolate Dipped S’moresFondant Flinger / PopcornJust Pop In

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  1. says

    Okay, so looking at all these pics makes me sooooo happy! You guys did an amazing job! The dessert table looks incredible and so “happy”… especially love those colored raindrops and the rubber duckies swimming in a blue candies :)

  2. Donna P. says

    I loved the decorating, beautiful as always! How did you make the umbrella centerpieces? I did a beach theme bridal shower one time and used an umbrella centerpiece for the food table. I had to cut off the handle then stuck the umbrella stem in a piece of pvc with a base. It resembled an umbrella stand. So, just wondering how you did your centerpieces. Great job! Love your work!

  3. says

    Chris, this is by far my favorite shower. You guys out did yourselves. Such a great organization to give back to our military. There are so many favorite things I love, but those ribbon wrapped backs on those chairs are too cute! You bet I am going to pin this!