Autumn Table Ideas

 As we are zooming in on Thanksgiving, I thought I would put together some interesting ideas for you to try. For the first board we can see that the wreath form is not just for Christmas. Filled with little green button flowers or moss, and rust-colored daiseys or mums, the wreath form works well for a Thanksgiving buffet or entry table.
Mini pumpkins can be put to work as a table runner embelishment, candle holder, or flower vase!
Wrap your napkins in ribbon, rafia, and a seasonal sticker.

 Above, is a table idea done beautifully in brown. What makes it interesting is the different textures and shades used. The centerpiece of sepia toned photos, old and new, is so perfect for a family Thanksgiving gathering. You could set out a central flower arrangement of large flower heads in a beige tone. Create a cute but sophisticated napkin ring with a thin ribbon and single bead.

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  1. I SO love seeing holiday table setting ideas. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the ideas! Hope you have a good weekend…

    pk @ Room Remix

  3. Jessica Morris says:

    I love the look of those pictures on the table! It wouldn't work for our table as we're doing fondue for our Thanksgiving dinner, so I need a very simple "can get cheese dripped on it" type center piece :) But I LOVE the look of the old pictures :)

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