"Snake" Sandwich


Make this snake sandwich using refrigerated french bread dough. Put it on a baking sheet and roll it out just a little longer and shape it into an “S” to look like a snakes body. Bake as directed. After it cools cut it lengthwise and just add any sandwich fillings you like. Place 2 olives […]

Entertaining In The Graveyard


Create a spooky Graveyard dinner party with ripped ‘spooky’ muslin cloth, moss, and lots of creepy skeletons and other critters. Miniature tombstones, and a haunted house set the scene perfectly. Drape the chairs with more of the ‘spooky’ cloth, and print out place cards using “Creepy” font. As if the dinner table weren’t spooky enough, […]

Single Servings


Anything displayed as a single-serving just seems more special. These little dessert cups would be equally appropriate for adults and kids alike. Pick your favorite pudding or mousse, top with chocolate cookie crumbs, decorate another cookie like a tombstone, and Whalah! A great presentation to a simple dessert {via Kraft foods}!

Casual Halloween Dinner Party


Here’s the Halloween dinner party I’ve been working on. It’s perfect for a light pasta meal with friends. Maybe Pumpkin Penne Pasta? It starts with a whimsical color scheme of black, purple, orange, and green. The little witch hat toppers I made a couple of years ago and still get a kick out of them! I […]

EEK! There’s A Dead Guy In My Dip!


Want a memorable dip presentation on your buffet table this Halloween? Here is an awesome “coffin” filled with dip and a little skeleton nestled inside. Using a firm loaf of bread and a skeleton found almost anywhere this time of year, you can make this yourself. Fill with Lipton’s famous spinach dip and you have […]

Even At A Party, We Must Eat Our Veggies!


I LOVE party food. Seriously, I could LIVE on appetizers alone! Of course we do need our vegetables so what’s more classic than veggies-n-dip? Here is the cutest presentation I’ve seen for them. The idea of individual servings is much more appetizing and I’m sure your guests will comment on how clever you are! These […]