April Fools Food!

Tomorrow is April 1 which means a day of silly pranks.  You can be the funniest mom on the block if you serve your kids any of these deceptively delicious dishes for dinner (try saying that 3 times fast)!
Start with dessert?!  Serve meatloaf “cupcakes” or “cake” topped with mashed potato “frosting.”
Quench their thirst with a berry “juice” made of Jello!  Insert a straw but watch them struggle to suck through it!
Finish up with sweet candy “sushi“, “pizza” cake, or a “grilled cheese” pound cake-sherbet dessert.
Make this dinner even more memorable by actually serving the dessert (which looks like the main course) first, and the dinner (which looks like dessert) second….if you dare.
Fun! Fun! Fun!
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  1. Shari@Tales from the Sippy Cup says

    LOVE the meatloaf "cake" topped with mashed potato "frosting." I might have to try that one!!

  2. The Jones Family! says

    These are adorable! I've also seen where you cut up and orange and save the peel and make orange jello, pour over the peels in a tight pan, cool, and then cut them into orange slices. Pretty fun!