Apothacary Madness

 Apothacary jars are not just for Candy Buffets anymore! Bring those babies onto the tabletop to create a wonderful centerpiece. Here are 3 beautiful examples filled with seashells, flowers, sand, and other natural elements. Be sure to use different heights and shapes for more interest.

 You know how cute they look en mass filled with candy. Use those lovely shapes for cookies and favors as well…or cookie favors! They can also be set up to hold well-wishes, words of advice, or special sentiments written by guests as keepsakes for the guest(s) of honor.
 Also use them in conjunction with glass cloches as part of the party decor. You can put ANYTHING inside: numbers(for a special date), pictures, vintage cards, letters to spell out words(b-a-b-y for a baby shower), family photos, etc, etc, etc…Links:
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  1. Joanna says

    I love apothacary jars! I was just thinking about buying some the other day and filling them with holiday items. Thanks for these ideas!

  2. celestedesigns says

    As always, great ideas! I love the apothecary jars and you shared some ideas for using I hadn't thought of!