Aliyah In Wonderland Party

Today’s gorgeous party feature was sent in by Tabitha of Fresh Mommy blog, and is full of ideas and inspiration for your next “Alice in Wonderland” inspired party.  I always love sophisticated details in children’s parties and this one has that with its eclectic mix of teacups & saucers, and it’s floral centerpieces.  Lot’s of whimsy is added with the hanging lanterns & poms, and the ribbon adorned chairs…

Here is what Tabitha said about the party and some of the DIY details:
“We threw a tea party, Alice in Wonderland style!  It was full of fun, pink DIY details and we tried to add in some whimsy as well.  We had a “studio” space set up full of tutu’s and dress up clothes, fun hats that we found at local thrift shops and adorned with flowers and feathers we hot glued on… and then they stepped out into Wonderland where there were bunnies and cotton candy, a bounce house, Alice was there to paint little faces and in the midst of it all a long table of pink with fun tea pots peppered throughout and paper lanterns and handmade tissue paper flowers hanging in the sky above. 
The main table centerpiece was a stack of tea cups that we found at a thrift store, I spray painted them pink and white and then hot glued them into a whimsical stack. I used a small half circle of foam to hold the flowers in the top cup. 
We also made bunting by cutting matching fabric and hot gluing it to twine to give a little bit of a sweet tea vibe. 
Along with the invitations that we designed, we sent out a small skeleton key to each child attached with twine to a small tag with their name on it and wording telling them to bring the key with them to unlock a treasure. 

To help take away from the plain yellow school chairs, we finished the back with a mix of ribbons, lace and strips of cut fabric and topped it off with extra decorative flowers we had left over from making the table centerpieces. It took the chairs from plain to dramatic!”

Thanks for sharing all the fabulous details with us Tabitha.  The party is just magical!


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  1. With Style and Grace says

    This is too cute! Loving all the colors, especially the ribbons hanging from the chair.

  2. Fresh Mommy says

    Thank you so much for the special feature!! I forgot to mention that my mother and I thrifted for a couple of weeks to gather all the tea cups for the little girls… And they each took theirs home. And for the boys there, we had large glass apothecary vials from Michaels ($1), and each had a tag tied with ribbon that said Drink Me.

    Here's the post:

    Again, thanks so much!!!! :) This site is full of great details and I'm honored to be mentioned.


  3. Jennifer says

    There are so many cute things about this party, but my eyes are drawn to those yellow chairs! Are they from a school? I think they are SO FUN!!! Where did they come from? I have to know more about those chairs.

    SUCH a great party!

  4. Manni says

    Everything is magical. I would be so lucky to have something like this for my birthday!! The way the trees, the furniture, the settings really work so wonderfully together. Absolutely my favourite!!!

  5. Pampered Sweet Tooth says

    The aesthetic of this party is dainty and festive. Some of my favorite elements are the 'Eat Me' cookies and the saucer and tea cup sets that exude vintage and entertain with me. Beautiful party with a wonderfully executed interpretation using the Aliyah in Wonderland theme.

  6. Ashley Holmgren Events says

    this is done wonderfully! I love the Alice in wonderland tea party theme. Especially love the whimsical cake and the ribbons really dress up the chairs!

  7. Maja says

    So Gorgeous..I would love to have a little girl to make something like that..I love the colors,everything..
    I can't stop thanking you for these fabulous ideas! Congratulations Tabitha!!!

  8. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) says

    Congratulations to Tabitha! I'm sure your little girl was absolutely thrilled with her party. I love how resourceful you were with budget-friendly finds that turned out fabulous. Thanks to you, Chris, for sharing another great themed party!

  9. Rowaida says

    Gorgeous birthday love the teacup collection and the ribbons and flowers on the chairs so clever idea. love it