A Sip and See Baby Shower

 Welcome Aboard, Mate! Sail with me to this Sip and “Sea” shower I hosted for a friend who just had her second baby. The theme was Nautical to reflect the nursery and there are lots of details to “sea” so keep reading for more.

  • All the glass plates had a different nautical map underneath.
  • The favors were my version of the “message in a bottle” concept.
  • Water glasses held nautical alphabet flags, each representing the first initial of a guest’s name.
  • I used baby toys throughout, that mom could take with her. Bath toys like a boat and fish were tucked into flower arrangements and floating in vases filled with blue tinted water(see dessert table). Stuffed whale, dolphin, and shark were placed here and there.
  • Served at the drink station was an “Ocean Breeze” cocktail, and Jones blue colored berry lemonade.
  • Also available were “lifesavers” candies.
  • The stemware held drink charms fashioned from nautical themed buttons.
  • To hang above the bar as a focal point, I used a message board and applied several different nautical maps in a mosaic form, then just tucked in a few photos of the new baby and family.

  • More details {above} of the nautical flags; water bottle; party decor; and “Islander” cheeseball served in a boat.
  • You can also find our lunch menu and recipes here.
  •  The dessert table was a hit with monogrammed cookies, cupcakes with blue icing and tiny nautical flags, and blueberry parfaits served in baby food jars.
  •  The guests were greeted at the front door with a welcome message on a lifesaver; baby Nathan; party decor; the DIY invitation.


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    • Chris says

      Hi Patty, the maps are just various patterns of scrapbook paper. You can find it at most any craft store. All I did was trace & cut the circle to the size of the plate base, then set the plate on top of it. No need to adhere it really.


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