Iced Tea Spritzer – Recipe

With Mother’s Day around the corner I wanted to share something a little different…something simple but sweet. I love the idea of a Tea Party but not everyone will go all out for that so I thought, “why not treat yourself, or sit in a cozy corner with your mom or daughter and enjoy the day.” I developed a recipe using iced tea as the base ingredient and included an unexpected snack of chocolate drizzled potato chips. The sweet and salty flavor is delicious and works so well with the refreshing flavors of the tea.

Get the recipe below and enjoy it all Summer long for back yard gatherings or Sunday suppers!


Fruit Flavored Green Tea

  • Prepared sweetened iced tea {make your own or start with a pre-made variety like I did – Gold Peak Green Tea}
  • Sparkling Water {I used Perrier}
  • Kiwi Strawberry juice blend

Combine 1 part tea + 1/2 part sparkling water + 1/2 part juice blend in a glass. Serve over ice and enjoy.

TIP: For an extra kick, you can add 1/2 part bourbon {Crown Royal} to the drink.


Make “chocolate chips” for a fantastic sweet & salty snack. Just melt dark chocolate using a double boiler method, then drizzle ruffled potato chips, using a spoon. Set the chips on wax paper to let the chocolate set up. My favorite chips to use are these Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Salt & Pepper Chips – they are like “gourmet” chips, & so delicious!


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  1. says

    OMGoodness! I LOVE chocolate covered potato chips!!! There used to be a bakery near our beach house that made these. Then they went out of business. I haven’t seen them in ages. So excited for the reminder!

  2. says

    Thanks for the great Idea, I made these last night as a trial run & they were great. I found the key way to keep the sweet/salty balance was very thin lines of chocolate. I used a fork to coat mine, that way I didnt get any big splotches. Again, thanks for the great idea!! Its a winner for my mothers day high tea!

  3. Beatriz says

    Thanks for the inspiration. If I happen to not write here in the next days I wish a wonderful mother’s day to you. Cheers!