A "Good Advice" Shower

I found this great idea for a Bridal Shower over on the BHG site. The theme is “good advice” for the wife-to-be. What better way to start a marriage than with some sage advice?

 When you send out your invitations, make sure to tell the guests the theme and that the gift should reflect a piece of wisdom that the guest comes up with. Examples from BHG are:

Advice: Celebrate every day. Gift: Champagne flutes or a beautiful cake plate.
Advice: Take turns cooking for each other.Gift: Favorite cookbook and kitchen tools.
Advice: Experience new things.Gift: Travel accessories.
You can include a pre-printed card in the invitation that the guest can fill in such as, “The secret to a successful marriage is…..” The card is presented with the gift, and all of the cards can be inserted into a small keepsake book for the bride to refer back to.
Create cupcake flags with different bits of advice on each one. Some may say “say I love you every day,” “don’t underestimate the power of a hug,” “allow each other to have a girl’s night or guy’s night sometimes,” “make each other laugh.”
Send your guests home with what else, but a fortune cookie filled with more good advice!
Check out the story here for more details and invitation idea.
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  1. Michelle@Everyday Celebrating says

    “Celebrate every day” Fabulous! I think I’ve heard that somewhere. LOLOL

  2. Hana @ celebrations.com says

  3. Dollface says

    That sounds amazing!! Do you have any ideas for a baby shower? Three of my friends are pregnant!! xoxo

  4. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    Dollface(I love that name!), it’s true that the “good advice” theme would work well for baby showers also. You could also try to work the mother-to-be’s personality or favorite things into the theme. Favorite color(or nursery color), favorite interest or hobby, unique personality trait. Then using that theme, you can put a “baby” twist on it. It’s a nice way to make the shower about the mother AND baby; not just the baby.
    If you need more help, feel free to email me.