A Colorful Thanksgiving Table {guest blogger}

By Aleah & Nick Valley

‘Tis the season for dreaming up fun and festive holiday table tops and party ideas as we look forward to the season of celebration. When dreaming up this Thanksgiving inspiration we envisioned a bright and colorful spread with Provençal linens, wooden chargers and neutral colors with cheery pops of warm tones like sunset, canary yellow, deep purple and orange. Thanksgiving has long been a favorite holiday as it signifies so much of what we love and enjoy: family, friends, laughter, delicious food and warmth. We hope you enjoy our twist on a traditional Thanksgiving spread.

  • Keep things simple, yet flavorful and delicious. Mapping out a Thanksgiving menu that you can prepare well in advance is key!
  • Stage warm soups in canning jars and top with a dollop of sour cream, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprig of thyme. Place atop chargers for easy serving.
  • Have take-home boxes prepped before guests arrive so you can easily send them home with leftovers post-feast.
  • Prep a long play list that will set the tone for the festivities. Think about peppering in mellow jazz and instrumentals.
  • Be prepared for unexpected overnight guests. Have clean sheets and towels at the ready.

Design + Styling, Food and Drinks: Valley & Co. | Photos: Bryan Miller Photography

Floral Design: Grand Floral | Table Accents: Cost Plus World Market

What does your ideal Thanksgiving celebration consist of? Any favorite entertaining tips to share?

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