A Colorful Crayola Birthday Party

Need an idea for that winter birthday party, where you can’t send the kids outdoors to play? Try this cute, colorful, and activity-filled Crayola Crayon party. Begin by sending these invitations by Classic Sparkle. They give a hint of what to expect and would be even cuter with a real crayon tied on with the ribbon. While you’re at it, pick up these personalized crayon packs from The Crafty Giver, for the kid’s favors. Or get crafty and DIY them! 

The inspiration for this party came from these beautiful centerpieces created by Couture Flowers. You can put together something similar using these big crayon banks, some glass cylandars wrapped with brightly colored ribbon, vintage toys, and of course, flowers.

 Don’t forget you will need a drawing table (below) set up for this party. Cover a long table with white craft paper so the kids can draw freely, but also have some regular-sized paper suitable for frames. Put together some pretty centerpieces of clean soup cans surrounded by crayons, and wrapped with a ribbon (you can use either glue or sticky dots to hold the crayons in place). In addition to drawing, the kids could make “crayon cupcakes” by breaking up old crayons, putting them into paper-lined muffin tins, and melting in the oven to create a rainbow effect (see instructions here). These can be wrapped up at the end of the party as part of their take home favor.
Food will consist of, what else, a colorful candy & dessert buffet! Fabulous examples here from Clo by Clau! and M & M Wedding. Cupcake instructions found at Betty Crocker.
 You already know that framing your child’s art work makes it that much more special. Why not decorate the party space with some simple matted crayon drawings made by your own little Picasso. Mats are lightweight and inexpensive so they would be easy to hang with tape, or poster adhesives. Again, have some mats for the children to frame their newly created drawings and take home with them. For a more permanent option, these dynamic frames open easily to change out, and store, artwork.

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  1. Simply Creative Insanity says

    How cute! Love all of the colors! This just might be the theme I have been looking for for my little who is turning 3 in May!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for your ideas!!!! I am actually having a Crayon themed party for my daughter who is turning 2 in less than 2 weeks and this just gave me even more ideas for her party!!!!!

  3. linweed says

    Very cute and colorful party. Instead of having to glue the crayons around the can, you can put a rubber band around the can and then tuck the crayons into place. The ribbon will cover up the rubber band and you can reuse the crayons.