A Cameo-Inspired Celebration


by contributor Kristi Delfino

 Hello dear readers of Celebrations at Home! Kristi here from Luna and Chloe Weddings. I have to tell you that I was over the moon (what I say when I am really excited) when Chris asked me to be a contributor on Celebrations at Home. I know she provides bunches of amazing inspiration on a daily basis, and to think that she trusted me to inspire you – well I am honored!
Every event that I design is usually inspired by one element, no matter how large or small. For this design I was inspired by cameos, and everything just fell into place from there. This is a fabulous idea for a bridal shower, but would be perfect for a girls night, a birthday party, etc
First up is the escort area. To me escort areas are very important, as they let your guests know where to sit and gives them something to do. The first couple of minutes at an event can sometimes be awkward if you don’t know a lot of people, and finding their seat, who they are sitting next too, etc…all helps get your guests mingling. For more intimate affairs when only one table is used – I still use an escort table to give guests a warm welcome, and usually something little – not a favor per se, but something. So here is the escort area that I created …
I used cameo’s I found at Michaels and tied a bow at the top.  I attached them with pins to necklace displays, also found at Michaels.  Below is the tablescape…
I added strips of black velvet ribbon down the center of the table, as well as wrapped around the napkins to bring the black velvet onto the table.  A cameo shaped craft punch works perfectly to punch out printed names to place on top of the napkins.  The final touch, was two cameo’s tied around the two center vases.  (All mercury glass is from Home Goods and Target.)  And lastly, the dessert table…
I used fancier necklace displays (also found at Michaels) to hold some special silver heart necklaces.  I made the necklaces using ribbon, glue dots, and chocolate from Sees.  And my homemade cake was simply finished with a cameo.  So there you have it – a cameo inspired bridal shower.
~ Ciao
…concept, design, styling & photography all by luna and chloe weddings


FYI, after creating this gorgeous post, Kristi stumbled across these Cameo Candy Molds that would be the perfect addtion to the theme:
cameo candies via Country Living
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  1. PartyMom says

    I fell in love with cameos after visiting a production factory in Italy on my honeymoon. This is such a beautiful way to celebrate such an iconic piece of jewelry. Great job and thanks for sharing!

  2. Sandi says

    This is really great and original.
    I love the velvet ribbon down the table — so easy and so much impact!

  3. WinWin says

    This is gorgeous!! Simple & Elegant. I'm absolutely in love with these cameos. Thks for sharing
    P.s I really want to share this fabulous idea to my friends. So May I posibily translate it and post on my blog? :)

  4. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    "WinWin" – yes, certainly! Please just link back to us if you will. : )

  5. Alicia@CharityWedding says

    I love this Kristi!! I LOVE cameos and my bridesmaids actually wore those exact ones at my wedding!

  6. D. Marie says

    Very lovely idea…always creative! I didnt know you could find Cameos at Michaels! Love the heart chocolate necklaces! <3 just beautiful!

  7. postcards and pretties says

    this is gorgeous! i love the mercury glass & cameo together.. you amazing my friend!