A Botanical Garden 1st Birthday Party {guest feature}

I was so thrilled when I found this submission all the way from the Philippines, in my “in” box this week.  Anna hosted a 1st Birthday Party for her daughter Arie, that is so beautiful and elegant it would be wonderful for a baby shower as well.  The photos are from Karen Ilagan Photography, who captured all the sweet details.
The scene is set at a botanical garden with lush greenery welcoming guests.  Once inside, a long table is set with “Arie’s Year of Firsts” showcasing photos and memorabilia from the past year.  The bird motif, flowers, and use of fabric create a stunning French Botanical feeling to the party.  
Tabletops are simple but stunning with an eclectic mix of bottles and jars holding an array of flowers.  Fabric strips adorn the backs of chairs and are seen throughout the party in swags, ties, and other decorative elements.
Below, you can see how the fabric was used to cover chipboard shapes (birds & owls) that were hanging on the note “tree.”  It was also used to cover the children’s tables – a lovely touch!
And at the end of the day each child went home with a monogrammed bag.
There are so many take-away ideas from this stunning party:  the “year of firsts” table, the beautifully covered kids tables, fabric covered chipboard shapes…
I hope you’ll incorporate some of these into your next party.
Thanks to Anna and Karen Ilagan Photography for sharing!

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  1. Fancy House Road says:

    I love the "Year of Firsts" theme. What a clever take on a 1st birthday party.


  2. Kristy {the purple pug} says:

    Sweet, beautiful and so charming. Love the monogrammed favor bags. The eclectic table coverings on the kid's tables are ridiculously adorable!

  3. So precious and soft! Like anthroBaby lol.

  4. Save the Date for Cupcakes says:

    This is one of my faves!!!! I love all of the handmade/homemade touches!

  5. Kori Clark says:

    Oh WOW! All of the personalized touches are amazing! I love how they displayed her clothes from her first year! Having a daughter, those are some of the sweetest possessions and memories!

  6. Simply Creative Insanity says:

    Love this! I wish I had some of this mini chair covers! So cute!

  7. How adorable! Quite the calm scene unlike the usual craziness of 1-year olds!

  8. Woow, I like the soft touch and the fabric details that I almost everywhere! the table clothes are stunning, great job!

  9. Sandra Downie says:

    This is so pretty Chris…thanks for sharing…you know how much I love this style!XO

  10. From Marriage To Motherhood says:

    What an amazing setting! Every detail is just so lovely! It looked like such a special day that will be remembered forever : )

  11. Pink Frosting Party Shop says:

    I adore this theme, what a fresh and lovely approach to what is typically a sweet pink theme. Just gorgeous xx

  12. La Dinette says:

    Really inspiring, i'm fond of pale colors, what a good idea!

  13. Petit Artiste, Beatriz Azevedo says:

    for those who are fabric lovers, like many of us, this party is a dream. I loved the plants hanging on cans!

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