thanksgiving place settings

Thanksgiving Place Setting :: 5 Simple Elements

Don't let the idea of setting a Thanksgiving table stress you out. I love creating elaborate tablescapes but sometimes simple

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fruit & nut wild rice

Simple Side Dish – Fruit & Nut Wild Rice

  Serve up a dressed up version of rice with my fruit & nut wild rice recipe.  This is easy and so delicious - it makes a great side dish for a d

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Spiced Apple Hot Toddy Recipe

Need a hot toddy to warm you up this Fall? Give this Spiced Apple cocktail a try.  It'll warm you from the inside out!  Serve this for a brunch g

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make a Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake

Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake for the Kids

I haven't had the pleasure of hosting Thanksgiving in quite a while, and I'm kinda bummed about that. We used to host our "Friendsgiving" and then we

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kahlua pecan pie

Kahlúa Pecan Pie Recipe

Being from the South I think it's in my blood to love pecans.  I grew up cracking open the shells

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beer tasting party

Host A Game Day Beer Tasting Party

Time to make plans for the Super Bowl! We finally have the teams {San Francisco vs. Baltimore} and now it's time to get your ideas together for a

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Vintage-Style Bridal Shower Ideas


If you love the charm and character of vintage inspired design then I have some party ideas for you! I designed this vintage style bridal shower last year for Celebrations, and with seasonal changes and holidays the way they are, I'm just now getting the chance to share it here. I know that the vintage style was at its peak a couple of years ago, but these shabby chic details will never go out

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A Modern Owl Baby Shower Theme

modern owl themed baby shower

Owl themes have been popular for a couple of years now in everything from Halloween to bridal showers. One of my latest projects for was to create ideas for a Modern Owl Baby Shower inspired by the owl invitation from Pear Tree Greetings. I loved putting this party together using the invitation's color scheme and a clean modern design {so many of my designs are driven by

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Party Design Basics – Designing Dessert Tables

symmetry 3

I'm excited to address dessert tables in this edition of my year-long Party Design Basics series. Dessert tables have become THE party staple and focal point thanks to leaders in design like Amy Atlas and Sweets Indeed. You can hardly see a styled party today without an elaborate sweets display, but for the purpose of this blog and 'realistic' home entertaining & celebrations, I'm going to

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