8 Blogs that are Inspiring Me Now + A Note from Me!


I know a lot of blogs are posting their “top posts of 2013,” which is always a fun idea to have a look back, but I figure if you’re reading this post then you probably already keep up with CAH and have bookmarked and Pinned your favorite ideas and posts.  That’s why I’m going to share with you all some of MY favorite blogs to visit and get inspired by.

I hope you’ll keep reading to the end too, because I have a personal conversation I’d like to share, that gives some insight into the evolution of this blog.  But first, the top 8 sites that are inspiring me now
8 favorite sites

  • The sister site to the original wedding blog, Style Me Pretty Lifestyle is the perfect blend of entertaining, home, food, and more.
  • I also love to check out Rue for many of the same reasons.  It’s full of lifestyle trends and tips.
  • There are tons of wedding blogs, and two of my favorites that deliver gorgeous inspiration photos consistently are Ruffled blog and the Wedding Chicks.  I’ve always said that whatever is happening in the wedding industry will trickle down in to home entertaining, and these are great sites to watch.
  • Since Celebrations At Home is geared towards home entertaining and smaller celebrations, what could be more appropriate than to concentrate on interior design to get your house in tip top shape for all those soirees? My newest obsession in home blogs is the Hunted Interior.  I may have a girl crush on Kristin and her amazing eclectic style.
  • My next girl crush is on Karla of Karla’s Closet.  Since my background is in fashion I love to keep up with a few fashion bloggers and Karla’s Closet is full of vintage-meets-designer outfits that she combines effortlessly and always with a touch of femininity.  Also a plus:  she wears heels about 98% of the time.  A girl after my own heart.
  • Another of my favorite sites to check out is Best Friends for Frosting – as much for their re-branding as for their content!  BFFF started out as a blog about sweets and desserts, but has relaunched into a lifestyle blog full of the latest lifestyle trends.
  • Finally, Waiting on Martha is full of eye candy.  Blog author, Mandy, is a stylist extraordinaire with impeccable taste.   I love seeing what she comes up with for each project.

You may notice most of these blogs are very “lifestyle” oriented as opposed to being in a single niche, which brings me to my next topic – THIS blog.


In early December I received a gracious email from a long time reader, pointing out that most of my recent posts had been food related, and in so many words, “where are all the party design ideas?”

I was actually grateful for the opportunity to express myself and my blogging journey with her, and I’d like to do the same with you all.  This was my reply which sums up how I’m feeling about my direction in blogging after 5 years:

Thank you for being a loyal reader, and feeling comfortable enough to send me your thoughts.

As with everything in life, my party and entertaining philosophy has also evolved, which is surely noticeable in my blog. I feel the need to share more ‘lifestyle’ content because it’s more of a reflection of who I am and who most women are {we don’t all throw a party every week}. Plus, I started the blog waaay back to share all ideas related to entertaining, but it eventually turned into a ‘party sharing’ site instead, which was not my intent.

I feel like I’m back on track creating original content with the occasional guest feature {I like to do them weekly under normal circumstance}. While I’m in no way a “food blogger,” I do, and always have, viewed food as a large part of the party experience. I’m not kidding when I say I used to spend weeks pouring over my cookbooks looking to create the perfect menu for our Christmas Cocktail party every year! I love sharing the recipes that I find appealing and user-friendly, as well as showing attractive serving suggestions {hello mini soup shots & stuffing balls!}.

With that said, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that balance is a delicate thing and I know I ‘can’t please everyone all the time’, even though I’d like to. The ugly fact is that so few people ever comment on anything, that I’m not sure what pushes peoples buttons except through PINs or shares, which food posts get a lot of.

Visual inspiration is the heart of CAH and I strive to fit in lots of that on a weekly basis. It does seem like I’ve put a lot of food posts up for the holidays {and now you know a little bit about why} but you’ll be happy to know I’ve got some good styled parties coming up too {one of them is up today}, and hope to restore some balance in the coming weeks.

Your feedback is SO appreciated!! Thank you again for reaching out!”

I’d love to know your feedback whether you’re a long time reader or brand new.  Do you enjoy reading and seeing ideas about food, home design, and fashion?


For more inspiration, follow me on Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter. Cheers!


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  1. says

    Excellent choices amiga! And on the “This blog” note: I enjoy seeing a variety of content on your blog. This is your space that represents YOU so feel free to show us what’s up with CHRIS. You have amazing style and delectable recipes so keep on keeping on!! XOXO

    • Chris says

      Thank you for saying that Alejandra. A good reminder that this is indeed “my” space to share and hopefully inspire :-)

  2. says

    Happy New Year, Chris! As a creative, I understand the need to evolve your business and brand along with where you are in life at that moment. I appreciate the fresh and diverse content. Keep up the fabulous work!! Cheers to 2014. xoxo

    • Chris says

      I know you can relate Katie. You’ve had your own growth this past year and I love the direction you’ve taken. You keep up the fab work too!…and thank you!

  3. says

    I love your blog and have been following for years. I have used many of your ideas in my own lititle girls’ party business. You’re doing a great job and I support your efforts to evolve in whatever direction you creativity takes you.


  4. Donna P. says

    I love your blog and look forward to each new blog post from you! I love your content both past and present and I will follow you in the future whatever the content! I love your STYLE!

    Thanks for a great blog and the hard work you put into it!

    Happy New Year!

  5. says

    To answer your question: I use your blog as a lovely resource for mainly parties, events and celebrations. Looking for fresh new ideas for diy party recipes, crafts, themes, decorations, styling etc. I really am not interested in the other stuff. Hope that helps.

    • Chris says

      Thanks for your feedback, Kristin. I hope to bring you lots of what you love in the coming year!

  6. anita says

    Just want to say that your blog is a joy to read and thank you for sharing your top blogs as well as I like discovering new ones and I try to keep my inbox to a minimal of blogs to follow.

  7. Mary Jo McGovern says

    Chris-just be true to who you are and what you love! That’s a “recipe” that won’t fail! I look forward to what 2014 has in store for you….and for us, your fans!

  8. Bobbi Jo Supak says

    To be honest, if the title of your blog is food related, I don’t click on it to read it. I’m just not interested in reading about food ideas. I don’t even enjoy watching cooking shows, except for The America Baking Competition that was on last fall….only because the set was soooo cute and the decorating ideas were amazing. With that said, I only read if it is home decorating or a party design. I absolutely understand that you want to appeal to everyone and that food post are part of your style, so keep doing what you love! And I’ll keep reading your home and party blog post. :)

    • Chris says

      Thanks Bobbi Jo. I’d love to share more of my own home decorating this year. It’s definitely a hobby of mine so stay tuned!

  9. Mary says


    I’m a work at home mom who likes to read your blog for inspiration for changing things up every now and then in how we do things at home. I think it’s important that your content reflect what you enjoy because ultimately, if you aren’t happy with it, then it will show.

    P.S. I wanted to let you know that we enjoyed your ham and cheese canapes recipe that you shared in December. Thanks!

    • Chris says

      Thank you, Mary. Your sweet comments mean so much to me! I’m glad you enjoyed the canapes, and I hope to share more great ideas in 2014. Cheers!