8 Beautifully Decorated Easter Eggs

8 beautiful easter egg ideas

Seems like every year I share a round up post of decorated Easter egg ideas, and every year I’m a little blown away by the new methods and creativity that are out there. This year is no exception. I’ve gathered 8 of my favorite Easter egg decorating ideas that are sure to inspire you.

This compilation isn’t cutesy or geared towards kids. The eggs here are more beautiful and would make a lovely centerpiece for your Easter brunch table, or to display on a side table, counter top, or shelf. The tutorials for each egg can be found in the links below and none seem too difficult or time consuming.

8 beautifully decorated Easter eggs

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8 Beautifully decorated Easter eggs:

  1. Glitter Eggs
  2. Floral Eggs
  3. Marbleized Eggs
  4. A Touch of Gold Eggs
  5. Water Color Gold Leaf Eggs
  6. Chalk Marker {Brown} Eggs
  7. Marker Colored Eggs
  8. Paper Mache Painted Eggs

Will you be making any of these this week? Which is your favorite – I’d love to know.

Have a great day!



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