5 Simple Ideas for a Fun Superman Party

5 ideas for a fun Superman party

Super hero themed birthday parties will never go out of style as long as there are movies to keep them alive {not so sure about classic comic books in this digital age}.  Last years release of an updated Superman movie brought on a wave of themed parties for little boys everywhere, and as such I was tasked to create some ideas for an article for SheKnows.

Today I’m going to share 5 simple ideas to help create a fun Superman party for your little boy. Sure there are incredible styled parties all over the web to inspire you, but I love to break things down to a basic list so it’s easy to focus and doesn’t get overwhelming. These 5 steps will allow any mom, no matter how busy she is, to throw a “SUPER” party { I had too}.


STEP 1:  Fun Food

5 steps to a fun Superman party 5 ideas for a fun Superman party-POWERade5 steps to a fun Superman party

This is a good theme to serve lunch for because you can do some fun things with food names.

  • Serve “HERO” sandwiches – traditional cold cuts and cheese on a hoagie bun
  • Add “SUPER”-size fries
  • Quench their thirst with “POWER”ade {or ‘aid’} which is Gatorade
  • Provide a “CLARK KENT” bar – Clark chocolate candy bar


STEP 2:  City Skyline Backdrop

5 steps to a fun Superman party

  • This skyline backdrop will represent the city of Metropolis and can be used to add interest to the food table. It takes about an hour to create and cut out. See my easy tutorial here.
  • For an added touch, use square glass vases to hold candy. These will resemble buildings in the foreground.


STEP 3:  Dessert Station

5 steps to a fun Superman party 5 steps to a fun Superman party-food 5 steps to a fun Superman party-food

Set up a sweets table for dessert and/or a favor station with bags to be filled and taken home.

  • Serve cupcakes and let each child “pick their power” from a list of Superman’s powers such as strength, healing ability, flight, speed, x-ray vision, superhuman intelligence, heat vision, superhuman senses {hearing, sight, smell, & breath}, invulnerability except to Kryptonite, memory, and life longevity.
  • Provide green sugar sticks and name them “Kryptonite”
  • Candy Twizzlers become Man of Steel “steel cables”


STEP 4:  Photo Booth

5 steps to a fun Superman party- photo booth

You can create some fabulous photos for your little guys, with one simple backdrop and a few props.

  • Use a large roll of white drawing paper or poster board and draw a Metropolis cityscape incorporating the Daily Planet and other high-rise buildings. This one was hand drawn using a yard stick for strait lines. You can sketch out a sample on notebook paper so you have a guide to follow on the large scale. Hang it on the wall at the appropriate height for the kids.
  • Purchase a Superman Halloween costume, pajama set, or t-shirt and let the boys put it on for their photo opportunity. You can also supply a white collar shirt and ‘Clark Kent’ glasses. Take digital photos and crop it so you don’t see the outline of the city drawing.
  • Create a ‘speech bubble’ that you can write on with chalk. See my diy here.
  • You can print these out and send each boy his photo along with thank you cards.


STEP 5:  Printed Papers

5 steps to a fun Superman party-INVITATION

  • Create your photo backdrop early and have your son pose for the party invitations. Create them online yourself or have an invitation designer do it for you using your photo.
  • I don’t always use printables for parties but for this theme they can certainly enhance the theme and tie it all together. Comic style action or speech bubbles work well here and can easily be found on Etsy, or created in PicMonkey.com
  • Keep your color scheme in line with the theme.  Red and blue are the colors of Superman’s suit so it makes perfect sense here.

There you have it – 5 ideas for a fun Superman party. Any other details you add will be icing on the cake!

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