5 Party Themes For Fall Gatherings

Fall party ideas

Summer cookouts are great, but I love when it starts getting cooler and we can entertain in other ways.  This week on Homes.com I’m sharing 5 of my favorite Fall party themes – mostly based on food.  When you plan a party around the food it gives you focus and the guests know what to expect right away.   With some of these ideas you can even get the guests involved in making the food!  You can read all the ideas and tips here.

Speaking of food parties, I’m on pins and needles waiting to share a fun chocolate tasting party sponsored by Godiva.   I had some girl friends over last week for the tasting and it was such fun – a great way to perk up the afternoon!  It was also good motivation to get some of my home decorating projects done before they came over.   I painted my buffet white {it was black} and changed out the hardware;  I took the plunge and painted a chalkboard wall in my kitchen;  and I finally got some furniture and decorative accessories arranged….and rearranged. 😉  I still have a few things to get done before I’m ready to reveal any rooms, but I’m getting there one day at a time.

Have a great day!

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  1. carol jane says

    Love all the party ideas. Awesome. Hey Chris. I have a dilemma. I am having a baby shower for my daughter. It her 2nd baby. Its a football/shower party the end of November. I was just wondering how I should decorate. I dont know if I should put a lot of baby decorations around or not. The babt theme is also sports. Not sure what to do. I would love some of your talented advice. Thanks so much.

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