4th Of July Flag Cake

Have you made your final plans for the 4th of July weekend yet?  If not here’s something to add to your to-do list if you’re attending or hosting a party.  Kathryn of Sugar Turn Table submitted this fantastic flag cake tutorial to share with you guys.  It looks pretty easy to me and the result is so festive!

What you need to bake:
Red Velvet Cake- 1 (8 inch) and 1 (6 inch) tier
White Cake- 1 (8 inch) tier
Blue Velvet Cake– 1 (8 inch) tier

  1. You will torte (basically cut in half lengthwise) all of these cakes EXCEPT THE VELVET BLUE CAKE, so 3 tiers total.
  2. You will need to cut out a 4 inch circle as a guide, place it on one of the 6 inch red velvet cake layers, and cut the cake down to a 4 inch circle.
  3. You will also do this for 1 of the white cake layers and the blue velvet cake (remember that we did not torte this tier) except instead of pulling away the outer ring, you will pull out the middle circle so it is a hollow ring.  At this point you should have: 2 (8 inch) and 1 (4 inch) red velvet cake layers, 1 (8 inch) and 1 (4 inch) white cake layer, and 1 hollow (8 inch) blue velvet cake layer that is twice the thickness of the other layers.
  4.  Place an 8 inch red velvet layer on your plate.  Frost the top of the layer, place an 8 inch white cake layer on top, frost that, place a red velvet layer on top of that and frost the top.  Place the Blue cake layer on top of the cake.  Then frost the 4 inch white cake layer and lower it into the middle of the blue velvet layer.
  5. Lower the 4 inch red velvet layer onto the top of the white layer in the blue velvet circle and ice the cake.

Extra tips: chilling the layers will help prevent messy crumbs and hold the whole thing together better.  You might also want to coat the inside of the hollowed out blue velvet circle layer to better hold the inner stripe layers to the outer blue cake after its cut

Thanks for sharing your tututial with us Kathryn!  Now enjoy your pretty cake and have a fabulous 4th!

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  1. Love this! God Bless the USA!


  2. That is so neat! Love this idea. It’s sure to impress any guests!!

  3. This is such a fun idea….this might have to be a cake that I make with my niece Imani. We always do something special every time I’m home visiting.

  4. Patty S. says:

    this is on the menu plan for Sunday. Cant wait to make it.

  5. Beautifully done and showing us how to get the look is perfect!

  6. Weddingish says:

    By now we’ve seen many variations of a flag cake, but I love how the cake here is so nicely hued… it’s gorgeous, really!

    Happy Fourth of July!

  7. Well, yeah.. it’s nice.. but if you reverse the flag, it becomes six times easier: Create red-white layered cake, and put one blue insert in the middle..

  8. Someone says:

    I am not an american, but that´s pretty cool.

  9. How many servings does this cake make??

    • Hello Jackie, I just made this cake and I’m going to say after cutting four slices I have almost 7 slices left! :)


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