6 Decorative Details Using Duck Tape

6 decorative details using duck tape

Looking for a new and interesting way to dress up basic party items or add a little extra detail? Why not try Duck Tape?! That’s right – they now sell rolls and rolls of decorative duck tape at craft stores, and you can use it in so may different ways. I like this idea because it’s much more accessible than the popular washi tape, but can offer the same decorative benefits.

I’ve put together 6 ideas using this zig-zag print I found. Honestly, I had to stop myself since there are so many possibilities!

  • Above, I wrapped the handle of a wooden fork with a strip of the tape. A great idea for kids parties!

  • Attach utensils to a take out box with a strip of tape.  Inside, you can put individual servings of salad, pasta, or other yummies.

  • Add a tape “flag” down the side of a serving bowl. Just cut a dove tail at one end and attach.

  • Create a tape “bunting” {first seen here} by cutting out triangles and attaching to a strip of baker’s twine.  The tape adheres the entire bunting to the glass.

  • Make a pretty drink stirrer that doubles as a drink marker, by wrapping a wooden skewer at the end with the tape. Attach a name tag with bakers twine and hang it in place using the tape to secure it.

  • Make bottle wraps the easy way. I wrapped these bottles of bubbles but you could also wrap water bottles.

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Which idea do you like best?  Can you think of other ideas to share?

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  1. You always have such fabulous ideas!!

  2. laura~eye candy event details says:

    These ideas are adorable! How did I miss this? Good job as always! =)

  3. This idea is so easy and cheap! Is there a trick to cutting the duct tape straight?

    Thanks so much!

    • Thanks Jan. Honestly, I didn’t have a problem eyeballing it and cutting it straight – of course the pattern was a good guide for that too.

  4. Love this Chris! I used Duck Tape for my husband’s Cash Cab birthday and our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving party. It is amazing. So much impact for so little $$.

  5. I love duct tape and use it at parties all the time … it’s perfect for wrapping water bottles and making banners. I’ve also wrapped forks/spoons like you did. It’s so versatile and the prints are so fun! The decor for this party was based around a duct tape print: http://www.dukesandduchesses.com/2012/06/red-and-turquoise-pool-party.html

  6. I haven’t used this yet but I’ve seen lots of uses for it…can’t wait to try it!


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