Celebrate Summer With Michelob Ultra Light Cider – GIVEAWAY

One of my favorite memories of life BC {before children} was going to outdoor concerts and sitting on the lawn on a blanket with snacks and my man. When I received this “Date Kit” on behalf of Michelob Ultra Light Cider, that’s exactly what it reminded me of. This kit is filled with everything you need for a casual picnic for two on the beach, in the park, or at a summer concert. I’m thrilled to host this GIVEAWAY for one “date kit” to a lucky reader, that’s filled with a gift card so you can try the new Michelob Ultra Light Cider, and an array of picnic items from Crate & Barrel’s seasonal collection {total prize value over $160}!

Everything you see here is included, and I can attest to the fact that these Light Ciders are light, refreshing, and delicious!….

What You Get:

  • $20 Gift Card for the new Michelob Ultra Light Cider
  • Table In A Bag
  • Insulated Tote
  • Picnic Blanket
  • 2 Non-breakable ‘glasses’
  • 2 Napkins
  • Cutting Board
  • Snacks {crackers & summer sausage}

This Giveaway is now Closed

Leave a comment letting us know what your ideal Summer Date would entail.


Congratulations to Julianna for being the lucky Winner!

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  1. Maureen says:

    There is a near by outdoor concert venue. It is on the North Shore of the Chicago area and it is in an area that is not too hot on most summer evenings. IT is not too far from the lake. It usually attracts some wonderful performers. This would be the perfect place for my husband and I to go and be joined by some close friends.

  2. During the summer, every Thursday night a local beach hosts “Shagging on the Beach.” When I first heard of this, I was thinking of Austin Powers and was appalled, but then I realized they were referring to the North Carolina Shag, a from of beach dancing based on swing dance. The hubs and I love to go down there with a picnic dinner and enjoy the music with the cool wind coming off the river. It’s truly a perfect summer date.

  3. We live in Austin where there are tons of outdoor activities. My perfect summer date would be laying out in the sun, taking a dip in the water, and then going somewhere delicious for dinner – with margaritas of course.

  4. My ideal summer date would be a picnic in the my favorite park with the hubs followed by a walk through the fine art museum and ending with ice cream!

  5. My ideal summer date would be to picnic on the front lawn of the historic Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI. My husband and I spent our honeymoon there, and it is the one place on earth I have been that could not get more perfect. Flowers everywhere, light summer breeze, sounds of birds, fountains and horse-drawn carriages…combined with MIchelob Ultra light cider package – the perfect recipe for a romantic afternoon!

  6. Jessica F says:

    My ideal summer date would be spending a day sailing on a lake!

  7. My summer date would entail time with just me and my hubby… no phones or computers in sight! And no mosquitos! We’d go to Freedom Park (a park near our house) and just chill and enjoy doing nothing. Man it sounds nice!!!

  8. My ideal summer date is a boat ride with a nice bottle of wine under the stars and moon.

  9. My ideal summer date night would be rolling down into DC at sunset with a nice picnic, strolling pass the monuments and having desserts at our favorite creamery…. :) ahhhhhhhhhh one can hope for one those nights soon!


  10. Solducky says:

    A picnic on the lawn of the art museum when they do their summer night free concerts!
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  11. Emily S. says:

    I’d say my ideal summer date night would include me, a basket of wonderful goodies, drink in hand and a deck off the back of a house by a beach watching the waves break and the sun set. It would be either with my girlfriends of a certain special someone!

  12. jocelyn says:

    A drive in movie.

  13. Picnic in the park followed by a bit of tai chi and chocolate dipped strawberries at sunset.

  14. Amber Johnson says:

    Loved outdoor concerts pre-kids at the Gorge or at the Winery. Wine tasting at different wineries is also a great summer date activity.

  15. Marci Kelly says:

    My Ideal Summer date would be with my husband when he returns home from his deployment (United States Navy)! We would celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary having a fabulous picnic on the beach :) Thank you for having this contest :)

  16. My ideal summer date is a picnic at Shakespeare in the Park. My husband And I always have a great time at those:)

  17. LaVonne says:

    I would love to have a Summer date at the beach. We’ve just moved & haven’t visited the ocean yet!
    This would be perfect, especially since my mom will be in town to watch our 2 year old! :)

  18. Bucky P says:

    I love taking my wife to Moonlight Jazz in the park for a picnic!

  19. Christy W says:

    I love to sit with my husband on the patio of a nice restaurant sipping some margaritas!

  20. My ideal summer date is always a picnic (husband can verify this!). I would love to win this pack! Just two weeks ago, I even had a picnic with one of my girl friends – wine, cheese, tomatoes, and bread. Delightful!

  21. Lauren Nguyen says:

    Sounds delicious!!
    My ideal summer date would include a day along the shore eating appetizers and seafood with my hubby.

  22. Chatelaine says:

    that’s an awesome prize pack! Our ideal summer date would be outside, relaxing pool or beach side. Drinks on a patio with a view. man i could use that right now LOL

  23. I love spending time with my husband at a lake that’s about 30 min from our house. It is so romantic with the stars, and the water. It’s like we are teenagers again.

  24. Megan S. says:

    A nice picnic at the park or at the beach at sunset with good music, of course! :)

  25. My ideal Summer date would be winning this kit & taking it to spend a romantic day at the beach with my handsome husband!

  26. Jennifer S says:

    Being that I have a 1 year old and a 2 year old.. any date is the ideal date for me right now… a picnic on the beach at sunset or an evening in the backyard blaring good tunes!!

  27. Lindsey says:

    My ideal date would be at the botanical gardens next to the little creek that runs right by an awesome rock that makes the table!

  28. Carolyn says:

    One of my favorite Friday evening summer activities is to watch a jazz band perform in a sculpture garden. I would love to take a date to this event one Friday evening, while we sip on Michelob. I can’t imagine a better way of enjoying the person I’m with while staying cool in the humid summer.

  29. It would include no kids, me and the husband on the beach all afternoon and then dinner and a movie. What a night that could be!

  30. My ideal summer date involves surf and sand with ice cold beverages close by!

  31. This picnic set would be so handy and amazing for a concert or movie at the park. Every Thursday in the month of June or City offers movies in the dark at our local open air shopping mall. They bring out this huge inflatable screen, everyone brings their kids and dinners and we watch family friendly movies. I have a two year old and this is so much fun. He gets to run around and play and rest. By the time the movie is over he is tuckered out, our bellies are full from our picnic dinner and we have had a great family night.

  32. Cheryl Warneke says:

    An ideal summer date for me would be a summer bbque hosted by myself and my husband with family and friends. We would have a live band (my sons’) . MUSIC, LAUGHTER, THE STARS. AND BUD LIGHT……..PERFECT!

  33. Tina Morrow says:

    My ideal Date Night is dine by candlelight with my husband of almost 28 years on our screened porch. We would drink some fabulous wine while he grills our entire meal – from pizzas to shrimp and veggies to GA peaches! And I’m looking forward to giving this Cider a try after not really drinking beer in over 20 years – somehow wine just took over.

  34. my ideal date would be if my guy would take a walk with me on the beach at sunset.


  35. Lisa Marie MacDonald says:

    My ideal summer date would be to enjoy a light dinner out, perhaps on a patio with a few glasses of wine, followed by a relaxed walk around our town, taking in window displays, featured outdoor art…just enjoying our different perspectives and thoughts. That would be perfection.

  36. Markey Carlson says:

    Sitting on the shore of Lake Superior with my love, watching the sunset, having a bonfire….can’t wait!

  37. Jennifer M. says:

    What a nice giveaway! My idea of a perfect summer date is a picnic shared at a concert! Wine, fruit, cheese, salad and some other goodies and I’m happy as a clam!

  38. Roxanne R. says:

    Picnic at the dog park, near a river.

  39. Christy S says:

    My perfect summer date would be an outdoor concert or play with my family.

  40. Ohh, I love this! My ideal picnic date would be at the Smoky Mountains or down by the lake here in Tennessee enjoying this cute package with the most amazing man, cause for sure he’ll bring in the cupcakes!

  41. Renee G says:

    My perfect summer date would be a boat ride on the lake to go to a summer concert in the park.

  42. Michelle Roth says:

    My perfect summer date would be spending time alone with my husband without children. Possibly going to the winery and listening to live music and having a picnic on the lawn.

  43. Teri Behnke says:

    My idea date would be spending just ‘us’ time in a secluded area of a state park, watching the sun set and just spending time together with each other. Summer in the midwest is about spending time with your loved one’s, enjoying each other’s company and getting out doors.

  44. My ideal summer date is to attend a local food fest near the beach and sit relax enjoying the food.

  45. My ideal summer date is anything outdoors with my husband. A hike, a tennis match, driving range….anything that gets us outdoors!

  46. My ideal summer date would include my husband and I walking downtown to a local restaurant for dinner and drinks on the patio and then catching some live music.

  47. We have a beautiful waterfall not too far from home that surprisingly is usually void of people. How romantic a picnic spot is that??

  48. Getting ice cream and taking a stroll along the river – just like our first date.

  49. Sarai Stine says:

    My ideal summer date would be my husband and I laying on a blanket enjoying each others company. Watching the boats go by in the bay and the stars above…. in all honesty, just a date without children would be ideal for us!

  50. This giveaway is the beginning of my perfect summer date! My fiance accepted a new job in October which required us to move to a town of less than 400 people. I’ve really been struggling with the transition since “regular” dates (going out to a movie, going to dinner, etc.) are hard to come by. This picnic date would be perfect for us! I would love to get out of the house and spend some romantic, alone time together. I love the idea of spreading out a blanket and enjoying snacks, drinks, good conversation and eachother’s company!

  51. Crissy N. says:

    What a lovely spread!! What a wonderful opportunity to kidnap my husband for the day and drive up to the mountains where we could go hiking and enjoy a terrific picnic- just the two of us!!!

  52. My ideal summer date would include this amazing set up as appetizers and then dinner at my favorite restaurant, Mesa, which has a retractable roof so we would dine on yummy food under the stars. In a perfect world, it would be a double date with Chris and her husband…:)

  53. Jana Maciag says:

    My ideal summer date would be having a typical Brazilian Barbecue (because we are Brazilians and love barbecue) in the backyard of our home. Overseeing the beautiful view of the woods, drinking Michelob Ultra Light Cider and listen to Bossa Nova.

  54. Julianna says:

    My ideal date would be to have this kit! I am a cider lover!!

  55. Ideal Summer date would be to see Madonna in concert!!!! Missed the last one and I really want to go to this one ~

  56. Michelle H. says:

    I think eating on the patio of an outdoor restaurant and then heading to the beach to sit on a blanket and watch the stars.

  57. charissa says:

    grass seats at a concert at pnc art center

  58. I’d go on a lovely picnic outside with delicious food, drinks, and books to read.

  59. My ideal date would be to have a pick-nic on a beautiful island with the sun shining and the water crystal clear!

  60. Marilyn says:

    My ideal date is a day with a light breeze, sitting by the water’s edge. We would have great food and drink and just enjoy each other’s company.

  61. My ideal summer date would be grilling in our backyard with 6 of our closest friends and enjoying the food, the conversation and laughter until the sun went down. Than we’d break out the out door movie theater, a sheet and movie projector and enjoy the evening late into the night.

  62. The perfect summer date would be taking my girlfriend to Atlanta for the weekend for a day of tailgating at the Braves game with some delicious Mich Ultra Light Ciders. Then after our Braves win, we would go around town seeing the lights of Centennial Olympic Park and Atlantic Station lit up and just enjoy the summer air. That would be my perfect summer date.

  63. An ideal date would be a chance to spend some time with my other half sans daughter! We would go to the Charles River and sit along the banks enjoying evening views of Boston, the boats on the water and each other’s company. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  64. Monica K says:

    We would love to enjoy this on a warm summer night just sitting in our backyard next to the lake. Put on some jazzy tunes and enjoy!

  65. I would love to go on a quiet walk together and have dinner outside. Simple, but wonderful!

  66. My ideal date would be to have a picnic on the pier with my husband just watching the sunset together admiring the harbor around us, stress-free and no other noise around us!

  67. it would be to get a sandwich together and talk and laugh about anything! simple conversation!

  68. I would love to take my bride of 3 years and go to a nice restaurant with her, and make the night just about her. Just to talk and listen to what is on her heart, no kid talk, just the two of us to connect.

  69. Oh, what would not I give for a hot bath with my husband and just laughter and food!

  70. I would love to walk on the beach with my sweetheart hand in hand.

  71. Barbara says:

    Any outdoor concert on a warm summer night is my favorite date.

  72. An outdoor picnic while watching 4th of July fireworks sounds like the perfect summer date to me!

  73. Adrienne says:

    My ideal summer date would be the boy and I spending the whole day swimming in the pool, playing games together, listening to music and nothing to distract us from each other.

  74. moniquehasana says:

    My ideal summer date includes a handsome dude, field of flower and a cool breeze by some kind of body of water. I am a cheap date, but I love good company and food. Thanks for this giveaway

  75. going to a bed and breakfast with my husband

  76. My perfect summer date is a picnic on the beach followed by some live music and cocktails. I love enjoying the outdoors

  77. Since we are saying “ideal” summer date, it would entail some jetsetting. I’d start off with a morning boat ride to an undeveloped island with nothing but a hammock, picnic lunch and some paddleboards to go exploring with. Then a afternoon flight to NYC for a concert in the park, under the stars, and some street vendor hotdogs. Yes, that sounds about right.

  78. Harmony B says:

    A picnic on the beach

  79. Livivua Chandler says:

    Mine perfect one would have a wonderful hot summer night of pool swimming and romantic things going on!

  80. Angela S. says:

    A great summer date night would be a walk on the beach or hike through the hills, and end with a sunset picnic and evening star gazing.

  81. having a summer date would be great. send child to grandmas and pack a light night dinner (tuna in pita pocket, strawberries, hummus dip with veggies and a refreshing cocktail. head to park to watch screen on the green with my hubby-we love watching movies in the open air under the stars.

  82. My ideal date would be one on the beaches of Nantucket but since that is only a dream, I would take any summer night with my husband on our deck enjoying time together. BTW – I’m super excited to try this new beverage!!!

  83. A romantic picnic on the beach :)

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