Celebrate The Year Of The Dragon With P.F. Changs

Monday, January 23 is the celebration of the Chinese new year and we are entering the year of the dragon. With that in mind I’ve partnered with P.F. Changs to bring you ideas for creating your own Chinese New Year celebration, starting with their new “dinners for 2″ entrees. P.F. Changs is one of my FAVORITE restaurants so I was super excited when I found out they’re now selling Home Menu® items in the frozen foods section of your grocer so you can enjoy them in your own home.

First, here are some ideas for serving your Chinese dinner menu with style:

To serve up a well rounded meal for two, or for a dinner party:

  • To accompany our P.F. Changs meal {General Chang’s Chicken} I made a side salad and picked up some California rolls. Our local grocer makes these California rolls with a yummy drizzle sauce and a crunchy topping. They make a great appetizer or side dish to go with the meal.
  • It’s always great to serve food in fun ways. I put my General Chang’s Chicken on a bed of rice inside a Chinese take-out container – of course!
  • Stamps from the craft store are an easy way to add style. Here I stamped a piece of paper with Chinese symbols and wrapped it around my napkin and chop sticks.
  • A simple Asian style salad was made with mixed greens, shredded carrots, crunchy chow mein noodles, and Asian Sesame dressing.
  • I picked up an Asian soda to serve and garnished the glass with a fortune cookie.
  • Decorate further with hanging lanterns, Buddha figurines, Chinese fabrics, Asian fans, etc.

Now, for the Red Envelope Giveaway: The Red Envelope itself represents another significant tradition in Chinese culture. Red Envelopes, filled with gifts, are presented to family and friends during the Chinese New Year, and the color red symbolizes good luck.

Win one from P.F. Changs by leaving us a comment telling us who is the Dragon in your life {someone who possesses the qualities of confidence, boldness, honesty, generosity, etc.}.

  • 1 Grand Prize Red Envelope includes: A night out at the Bistro with their Dragon + a night in enjoying Home Menu with their favorite Dragon.
  • 14 Red Envelope First Prizes include: Home Menu coupons + Bistro gift cards + co-branded t-shirts.

A total of 15 winners will be chosen!

Entries closed Wednesday, January 25. Winners chosen & announced on Thursday.


{all photos by Celebrations At Home}

My Personal Review:  After consuming the General Chang’s Chicken meal I was seriously impressed.  The look and taste of the food was as if I had ordered from the restaurant and brought it home.  The sauce was little bit sweet & a little bit spicy {my favorite combo}, the veggies still had a crunch to them, and the meat was superior to any meat I’ve had in other frozen entrees – NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF FAT OR WEIRD CHEWY PARTS!

It was very easy to prepare too.  From bag to skillet to plate in less than 15 minutes and without any extra prep {although I did make brown rice to serve it over}.  I can’t wait to try my next bag – Firecracker Shrimp & Noodles!

 See all their Home Menu flavors here.


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  1. My “Red Dragon” right now is Layla Mayville, my boss at Simply Savannah Events, a wedding planning company. She started her company 9 months ago & I met her in August and became her assistant. She already has booked 17 weddings & is doing so amazing that she can afford to hire me to help her with her weddings! She is inspiring and I have been so lucky to get the experience to work with her and learn from her!

    Awesome giveaway because PF Changs is AMAZING!!! haha! :)

  2. This would be a friend of mine I met when I lived and worked in Southern California right after I graduated from college. She is the youngest in her family but she is forthright and strong and has a very good sense of who she is and what is right for her and her family. She and I have known each other for over 20 yrs and though we are miles apart now (I returned home to the MidWest) I still feel she has all these qualities personifying these characteristics.

  3. I have a friend from college who is very generous and confident. We are still friends 20 years later.

  4. That would be my hubby. He has been so awesome during my whole pregnancy and I cannot wait to see what a wonderful daddy he is going to be! You can read our love story here: http://moskemonkeybusiness.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-matchcom-experience-or-how-i-met-my.html

  5. My husband, Jim, is my dragon….that and so much more! I would love to have a night out or night in with him any time! :)

  6. jennifer w. says:

    The dragon in my life is my mom. That’s not meant as an insult — she really is a Dragon, according to the Lunar calendar. My mom is honest enough to tell me when I am being too much of a dreamer (Rabbit, over here), and generous with her time and energy taking care of our family. I love my mom so much, and I think she would love this as a gift!

  7. My hubby Paul is my dragon. He works so hard for our family and sacrifices so much. His honesty and generosity astound me. I love him and would LOVE a night out with him.

  8. My dragon would be my dad. He is a wonderful role model and exhibits the best of those qualities listed above and many more.

  9. My dear husband, RJ, is my dragon. He is so intelligent, a fierce protector of the family and a generous heart. Plus we LOVE PF Changs. Happy year of the dragon all!

  10. The dragon in my life would be my hubby. He is the one I would always want in my corner! He’s honest and generous and sincere to a T + he puts up with me :)
    {display is fabulous by the way!}

  11. My husband :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  12. I have had two in my life – my mother who taught me to be bold, strong, and honest; and now my husband who attracted me with these same qualities.

  13. My husband, Phil

  14. Nina Patricia says:

    My Hubs. I’ve been unemployed for a year now and it has been difficult, but he is so positive, honest and hardworking (sometime getting shifts until 11pm) He is a great father that helps me out when I’m stressed, making sure he has time for each of us. He is also a great role model for his younger brother and cousins, all who are always calling him to ask for advise. He has great family values and would help anyone that needs it.

  15. I have been blessed with many “dragons” in my life who challenge, inspire, and cheer me on! Would love to be able to celebrate with one of them!

  16. Carrie C. in VA says:

    My husband is my dragon because he has generously altered his schedule to accomodate my going to the gym in the morning.

  17. My mom is the dragon in my life. She has taught me and continues to encourage me to be strong and confident.

  18. The dragon in my life is my best friend. She is very confident in herself and makes helps me be a better person everyday. She works very hard and has become a very important person for the company she works for. I love her and glad that she is my bff.

  19. The dragon in my life would be my husband. After a very scary labor and delivery of our new son he has been by my side supporting me and my baby. He is the sole provider of our family and works very hard. I am very proud of him :D

  20. The dragon in my life is my husband. He works so hard in all areas of his life.

  21. The dragon in my life is my twin sister, Sheila. She is a strong, bold and confident woman, And very generous to her students (she’s an art teacher). She will soon give birth to her first child next month and I know her little one with possess dragon qualities like his mom.

  22. Stephanie H says:

    One of my best girlfriends is the dragon in my life right now. As a fellow single parent, she is someone I look up to that possesses those qualities. I’m lucky to have her around!

  23. My husband is our dragon for sure…he is amazing!

  24. Amanda Fuhrmeister says:

    The Dragon in my life is my boyfriend. We’ve been through so much in the 3 years we have dated. We met and started dating 3 months before he left for basic training. Even with little to no sleep he found time to write me every night. For 3 months I ran to the mail box everyday and that’s what really kept me going. Knowing that there would be a letter in the mail letting me know that he was thinking about me. When he graduated basic training he had 2 years of training. So our letters moved to a phone call every night and sometimes if I was lucky Skype. I respect him so much for everything he has done and been through. I and so proud to say that my boyfriend is serving his country. He really is my glue and that’s why he is my dragon.

  25. My Dragon is my husband, who always astonishes me with his honesty, courage, and kindness!

  26. The dragon in my life is my daughter. She is a grad student who works very hard, is confident in her career choices and she makes me so proud how she handles her life.

  27. The dragon in my life is my daughter. She is a most amazing young woman. She is exibits a fierce loyalty to her friends and she is so giving in all areas. She is an “out there” girl who never gives up and encourages others around her. I am so glad to be sharing in her journey.

  28. The dragon in my life is my amazing husband!

  29. Darci DeLoach says:

    The dragon in my life is my boss. She is amazing. She is confident in what she does and is able to handle all the daily stresses of the job without caving in. She is able to deal with all the “hoops” she has to jump through and does it gracefully. I wish I could handle life more like her!!

  30. Michelle Roth says:

    The Dragon in my life is my husband. I have been diagnosed with a progressive chronic pain disease and my husband has become my caregiver. Not only that but he takes care of the kids and the house and cooking etc. he has not complained or anything. He stands beside me in fighting this disease and helping to find a cure.

  31. My Husband!

  32. pruttybird says:

    I’d have to say my husband :)

    pruttybird at comcast dot net

  33. My daughter because she spends her days off with me when she could be doing other things young people like to do. Also my husband who has put up with me for 31 years.

  34. My husband Jose, is the dragon in my life. He is my rock! He is strong for me, when I need him there and his generosity towards others often reminds me of the reasons why I fell in love with him. I value his integrity and the man and father that he is and I also value our dates at PF Changs to enjoy some lettuce wraps (his favorite!).

  35. The dragon in my life is my mom. She is the most generous and honest person that I know! She is the rock in our family and we love her soooo much.

  36. Carrie Junot says:

    My husband is my dragon for many reasons….just a few of them being a wonderful and supportive husband and father, a hero to me let alone many others (he is a US Soldier), and a great and loyal friend to many. I would love to be able to take him out for a dinner he has deserved for so long.

  37. Christine Dixon says:

    My husband is the dragon in my life. He is a prince if ever there was one. Honest, kind, dedicated, faithful, yet still strong. I waited a long time to marry the right one. He was worth every lonely minute! :)

  38. Bill Dixon says:

    My wife is my dragoness. :) She is intelligent, caring, and spoils me rotten. She even makes my lunch for work everyday, despite that she also works full time.

  39. Teresa C. says:

    My youngest sister is the Dragon of our family. She has been more than helpful to our family. Very hard working and ambitious. She is the one who is most concerned with everyones health and well being. Often putting others before herself.

  40. Karina Cronk says:

    My husband is my dragon, he is the best person I’ve ever now.

  41. My dragon would have to be my husband – and I would love to celebrate with him!

  42. Parris S. says:

    My dad is the Dragon in my life. He is the best father a person can have and I’m am really thankful to have him in my life. He is my biggest supporter, confidant, friend, advisor, has a great heart and overall the most genuine and honest person you’ll ever know.

  43. Melissa H. says:

    My dragon is my hubby! He supports my dreams and ambitions, he helps out around the house without being asked, he’s a hard worker and a dedicated one as he has over 20 yrs in the military and doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon. Now that’s dedication! He’s a wonderful father and husband and I would be nothing without him!

  44. Heather McKendree says:

    My RED DRAGON is my husband. He is in the military and is the best husband and daddy I could ask for. He spend time with us and never complains about the craziness of 2 little ones running around. I would love to win and have a night out just the 2 of us. he deserves to have some quiet time and relax to a wonderful dinner.

  45. I was born in the year of the dragon and every time I read the description of typical “dragon” I amazed how much of it seems to describe me. HOWEVER, the true dragon in my life is my hubby. I love him dearly and would love to share a dragon dinner with him!

  46. Definitely my husband. He has all of those qualities & so much more. He shows me every day.

  47. My Dragon would be my mom. The woman is amazing. She has suffered from a total of 6 strokes in the last 22 years (and the most recent being a few months ago). Most people would just break, but she’s a fighter and always has been. She has always supported me in my dreams and ambitions as well as my siblings. I couldn’t think of someone who doesn’t fit the description of a dragon more than my mom with all the obstacles and all she has accomplished.

  48. My husband is my Dragon! He is the most amazing person in my world… he is supportive of everything I do, he is always so sweet to me and our 3 girls, he can fix ANYTHING, and he cooks and cleans, too! We don’t get a chance to go out a lot because he works full time and he is also a full time student. I would love to give him the night out he deserves :)

  49. My husband is the dragon in my life. He possesses a silent confidence that I am always amazed by!

  50. The dragon in my life is my husband. He is amazing and supportive and very generous.

  51. The dragon in my life is my loving husband. He is the most honest and generous person I have ever met!

  52. my mom-she is just the greatest! I didnt realize it till I became a parent myself was mare aware of all the wonderful things she did for me and my sisters. She raised us on a vegan diet, in the 70’s when healthy was not the option it is today. Made everything from scratch, had an organic vegetable garden @home,education was provided. thanks mom

  53. My mom and stepdad are both my dragons. They always know the right thing to do and then do it. I’d be lost without them in my life and they deserve good things to happen to them. And we all LOVE PF CHANG!

  54. My husband is my dragon. He is so generous to me and bold when he needs to be. I’d love to be able to get a night away with just the two of us.

  55. I am my own dragon. I just need to be.

  56. Going out on a limb here… my father is my dragon. He is the most gentle, honest, unselfish, caring man I’ve ever met. His generosity is limitless. He’ll drop anything with a moments notice to help me or spend time with his grandchildren. To be able to spend an evening out without the rest of the family around would be amazing. Sometimes I just love doing things one on one with my own parents. My poor husband doesn’t stand a chance!!

  57. My dragon is my sister and best friend! She is a strong woman, always honest and forthright. She is a generous and caring person and someone I admire, love, lean on, etc., etc.

    I would love to treat her to a fun evening out!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. Erica Best says:

    My mom is a dragon she is honest and generous in so many ways.

  59. my husband

  60. My dragon is my friend Lori. She is there for everyone!

  61. My dragon is my mentor and colleague. We have been colleagues and friends for over 8 years now, and she is a person who is confident in her decisions, willing to take risks, generous with her friends and family, and just a wonderful sounding board for both personal and professional issues.

  62. Evelene Sterling says:

    Oh it is hands down my husband! He is the best and has the best sense of humor too!

  63. My wife! Hands down. She has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader and I would love to win this for her. She’s the best, even when she is mad!

  64. Deanne H. says:

    The dragon in my life is my daughter Randi. She is not only my daughter but an awesome person. She is confident, hard working, determined, kind and truly cares about others.

  65. My husband of 36 years, all of the qualities. period.

  66. My mom is a dragon.

  67. My husband is my dragon.


  68. Even though I was born in the year of the dragon myself, my husband is my personal ‘dragon.’ I’m very thankful that he saw how wiped out I was Monday night and boldly, decisively made arrangements to take me out to a quiet dinner so we could talk. Ah, everyone needs a dragon.

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