Valentine’s Play Date & Giveaway {Guest Blogger}

A Big Thank You to Kori of Paper & Pigtails for guest blogging for me while I’m at Blissdom:

Hi everyone! I would love to start by saying I am SO EXCITED and

HONORED to be able to guest post on one of my favorite blogs! I began
following Celebrations at Home and Chris at the very beginning of my
journey into the party world and still consider it a go to blog for

inspiration!! Thank you Chris for the chance to guest post about my

Toddler Valentine Playdate!

I hosted a Valentine exchange recently for my kids and some of their
friends!! We hosted it early so that some friends who are in school
would have the day off to join us, and as I have house guests for
three weeks, we know doing it before would be best!

The whole concept started with the ADORABLE little red tin mailboxes I

found online (now available in the $1 section at Target). In an effort
to figure out how to make “mailbox stands” without too much trouble, I
happened to see these cute candlesticks in assorted sizes and knew
they’d be perfect. Once this theme was decided I received a box of
Twirlie Whilies pinwheels that were too cute to not include! So,
combining these elements, the entire design came together for the
holiday set and the playdate!!

As with most parties, things happen the day of the party that can’t be
helped. For us, I planned a larger children’s table using the
pinwheels and sucker centerpiece that ended up on the food table.
After the rain soaked the large table and chairs, I had to quickly
rework our round table for the four older toddlers as the little ones
don’t sit long anyway. I used a pink runner I had from a previous
party, paper plates in reds and pinks, green “grass”, mini mason jars
for the lemonade, and two of the mailboxes for a centerpiece (as we no
longer had room for the planned centerpiece). I also decided to use
the valentines from my kids as “table decor”. My son gave Twirlie
Whirlies Pinwheels which were on each plate, and my daughter gave a
pink striped bag of heart gummies. The bags and mini mailboxes were
used for the kids to take their treats home in.

We had a table full of food that FULLY intended to hold the chicken

salad sandwiches and other lunch food, but when a friend showed up
with the beautiful sugar cookies she made and decorated herself, I
knew they had to have a place on the table! Once the “centerpieces”
for the kids table merged onto the food table as well, it ended up
mostly sweets….oops. We can assure you, the kids didn’t complain!

I think my favorite part of the party was the Valentine Bingo

Printable Game I made to go with the set! Kids used stickers to put on
their cards and we kept playing until everyone had the chance to shout
BINGO! It was certainly a fun and memorable holiday party for my
little ones and hopefully their friends as well!
This full editable Valentine set is for SALE in my Etsy shop for $15! 

This Giveaway is now Closed
As a thank you to Chris’s readers for putting up with my guest post, I

would love to offer a GIVEAWAY to you! I will randomly choose 2
comments left here to win an EDITABLE party set of your choice
(including circles, invitation, tent cards/place cards, bottle labels,
and large circles)!!
Simply Visit the Paper & Pigtails Etsy Shop and
see which EDITABLE design is your favorite, then come back and post a
comment to let us know!
The Winner will be chosen on Monday, the 31st.
Congratulations to Kelly (#59) and Dee (#12) for winning your choice of Editable Printables from Paper & Pigtails!
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  1. Cute party! All your printables look really fun! My favorite two were the vintage toys and the traveler theme. If I were to win, I would choose the traveler theme in lieu of a birthday party I am throwing for my best friend next month when she comes home from Africa.

  2. So inspirational! This is wonderful for ideas for our mini-celebration at home.

  3. Nicole-Lynn says:
  4. I love your printables. I host party playdates all the time too. My favorites are the spring fling and love letter collections.

  5. Hemsworth 5 says:

    Love letters and pinwheels adorable!

  6. Great party! Love those little mailboxes! My favorite editable is the Woodland Fairy Collection.

  7. Kristy Patterson says:

    Your printables are fabulous!! I love the Woodland Magic set as they would be perfect for the Tinkerbell/Woodland Fairy dessert table I am designing. Keep up the great work!!

  8. Sam and Josh says:

    Love letters and spring fling. So cute.

  9. i can't decide between the vintage toys and the ties! i really love them all…

  10. I really like them all! But if I have to pick, I choose the "Owl Love you Forever." SO cute!

  11. Sheek Shindigs says:

    I love all of your printables! The Valentine's set would go perfect with the Happy Heart Day celebration that I am planning, so that one would be my choice.

    I also love how you put the displayed the mailboxes. Thanks for all of the great inspiration!


  12. This is such an adorable party that i know my girls would love. If I win I would pick the love bird party circles which would be great for the valentines day grams I'm working on for my daughter's school :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Follow all your creations and love them ALL!! You are a great inspiration!! Love the Retro Toy collection.


  14. Oh wow! Absolutely impossible to pick a favorite. I would love ANYTHING from your beautiful shop!!Thank you for your post!!

  15. I am loving the vintage carnival collections! So cute!

    Of course I love all the printables too!

  16. Christina says:

    Very hard to choose she has adorable printables!
    I love both the Love bird party circles and the damask nest shower.
    I'm having a valentines party and then a shower the next month so these would both work!
    Thanks :)

  17. These are all great, but I think I would choose the valentine set

  18. Not Just A Mommy! says:

    Absolutely fabulous job as usual! You can't go wrong with pinwheels and paper straws. And all of your collections are so much fun, I love the retro toy the most.

  19. Giggleberry (Amy) says:

    GORGEOUS party! Makes me wish we celebrated Valentines Day here in Australia!
    My gave editable item in your shop is the Balloons Make Me Happy set – too adorable for words!

  20. It was a really hard decision as everything is so cute. I think my fav is so sweet.

  21. Yummy Mommy Mia and Daddy Al says:

    Wow! I would love to win the woodland fairy printables –perfect for my daughter's first birthday. Thanks ~hope I win!!

  22. The Trouts says:
  23. The Seaman Family says:

    No way!! I am actually planning a Tutu's and Toadstools party on April 23rd, and wanted to get their Toadstools and Gnomes invites and editable printables! I would love to win this!

  24. kathy britton says:

    I woulod love to win this. I promised my dd a spring party for her bday this year. (her bday is 10 days before Christmas so she never gets a party)I love spring fling.Thanks for the chance

  25. MelissaKbrew says:

    WOW! How cute was that party? Kori…you are SO creative and talented! The Spring Fling design is gorgeous! I have never seen it before. What a beautiful and colorful way to kick off my favorite season! :)

  26. Thank you so much for this inspiration and the chance to win the giveaway. My absolute favorites were the woodland theme and the valentine's theme. Overall, what you have done with those mailboxes is pure genius! Love every single thing about this theme.
    Thanks again!

  27. little miss cupcake says:

    Hi My fav is the valentines theme. My birthday is a couple days before and it has always been one of my fav. holidays

  28. Thanks for filling in….Fantastic Job!!!

    Wow, how to choose! They are all so adorable. I think I'd go with spring fling for a baby shower i'll organize in May for a friend. Beautiful theme for boy or girl. Thanks again.


  29. First of all, so glad to have gone and see your etsy shop.
    SO many beautiful designs and inspirations.
    My favourite would have to be the ladybug collection… SO so sweet…
    I wish you the best for your shop :)

  30. Wohooo is soooo cuteee i love it!!! You have so beatiful designs, i dont know wich one to choose!!! Just love it!!!!

  31. I love the Balloons Make Me Happy items. So adorable!

  32. I love love love this party. I have so many ideas in my head but can't ever seem to bring them to life. Reading all of these blogs has really helped me. Thank you to all the bloggers out there who are willing to share and teach all of us "wanna be" creative people!!!

  33. Big Kori fan! Love the editable options … love the Balloons … hope to see more editables like the precious turtle or cakes too!!! Thanks!!

  34. Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line says:

    Love the balloons! Super sweet!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my, I totally love this party! And love the retro toy design on your site.

  36. my heart goes to the vintage carnival printable signs, just love it !

  37. They are of course all lovely, but the two that really stand out for me are the Punk Princess and the Ladybug collection.

  38. Love your post! I love the balloons or the carnival…I might have a hard time choosing if I win.

  39. Love Love letters.

  40. Lovely! thanks for the chance to win! my favorite is the Love Birds Printable/ Editable Valentine Party Pack!!

  41. Anonymous says:
  42. I love the preppy turtles!

  43. *~LaVonne~* says:

    I'm so excited for my daughter to get to the age of fun Valentine's parties, this is adorable!!

    & I love the Pink Party from your collection!! :)

  44. Do we have to pick just one?? First I was going with the fire truck party… But then, the retro toy party and the woodland friend party…. I can't decide! Very nice shop!

  45. I love the ladybug collection and the owl collection.

    christysapp at hotmail dot com

  46. Spring Fling was my favorite. Winter in Wisconsin can seem to last forever, and if I were to win, The Spring Fling collection would be great for a party the beginning of March when everyone is going stir crazy!

  47. Elle Belles Bows says:

    Fabulous party! Thanks for hosting! My favorite is the preppy turtle party set!


  48. Cute, cute, cute… I love all the great ideas. I adore the "Spring Fling Tea Party" design.

  49. Pocket Full of Parties says:

    Lve you balloons make me happy! So precious and versatile!!

  50. Love all of your designs but particularly the different snack containers!!

  51. Oh my gosh! I recently discovered your blog and I am so hooked on all of your ideas!
    How to pick one?? I'll go with Spring Fling because that is a party I have coming up!

  52. katesplin says:

    I love everything, but especially the carnival prints.

  53. What a darling party! I love the Retro Toy package, it would be perfect for my twins birthday!

  54. Spring fling tea party.

  55. The Valentine party is so adorable! Love all the inspiration! I love the Spring Fling Tea Party Set at your etsy shop! Favorited <3

  56. Hi,
    my fav is woodland friends

    what great ideas u give me for fun, friendly kid parties



  57. I would likely choose the vintage circus theme if I were the winner of the EDITABLE party set.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  58. Nombambisse says:

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